Patient Story: Knowledgeable and Sincere

hand-drawn door and foot prints with colorful text reading "from the moment I walked in, Dr. Savoy reassured me that my care would address my issue." -melissa holguin

Every Wednesday, Airrosti sits down with Ticket 760 to talk about sports, injuries, and fixing pain fast. After listening for a few weeks, this patient decided to give us a try. Dr. Savoy treated this patient’s nagging hip pain and turned her into an Airrosti advocate! Read the full story below. 

My experience at Airrosti was incredible. Every Wednesday, I listened to Dr. Jason Garrett on the radio explain the benefits of the services of the company but it wasn’t until I experienced it myself that I truly understood what a difference this type of care can have on your well being and overall health.
I walked into the office after suffering from a nagging hip injury that was inhibiting me from running–a hobby that gives me great joy and much needed stress relief.
From the moment I walked in Dr. Savoy reassured me that my care would address my issue. He was knowledgeable and sincerely addressed all of my questions. He followed up on my prognosis after treatment and worked with my hectic schedule to see me promptly. Dr. Savoy and his staff are extremely professional and have an authentic interest in making sure you are on the road to recovery.
I am thankful that after such a short period of time I am able to enjoy jogging again. I will definitely seek out Dr. Savoy and his team in the future and recommend them to my family and friends.
– Melissa Holguin

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