Patient Story: Life Rejuvinated

Regaining your mobility is the first step in taking your life back after years of pain. This story from one of Dr. Le’s patients shows how Airrosti helps patients not only overcome pain, but become stronger than they’ve ever been.

Is surgery my only option? This is what I was told by my surgeon after years of pain that made me basically immobile. After being diagnosed with Spondylitis, a fractured vertebrae, torn discs and a degenerative disc disease, I went from bad to worse. I knew I would never be able to play sports or enjoy life as I had growing up.
Being a very energetic and active person I had become accustomed to high energy, high impact sports like football, baseball, basketball, etc. Thinking I would never be able to do those things again would prove to be one of the most difficult realizations in my life. It sent me to a real state of depression.
For six months after my diagnosis, I spent most of my time trying physical therapy daily. I was taking lots of medicine and going through the motions of trying to heal. Nothing was working. One morning I was working as usual, in pain, when a coworker mentioned they had a group visit her previous office to show them how to “roll” out their stress. I was thinking, “Great, just what I need another gimmick.”
Skeptical as I was, I decided to give Airrosti a call and that’s where the transformation began.From start to finish Dr. Le and his staff were the most caring, knowledgeable medical professionals I had ever met. I could tell this may actually be something worth trying. I had hope! Like a spark igniting an engine I felt rejuvenated in spirit and felt that maybe I could get back to normal.
Not only did Dr. Le and staff get me back to normal, but they also pushed me to be in better physical shape than I had ever been in. After going through only three visits I started slowly going to a CrossFit gym nearby.
Six months later I could see my six-pack, which I had never seen before even through all the sports I played. I could do 100 pull ups like it was nothing. I could do squats, pushups and kettle bell swings were like nothing…well almost.
Obviously I will always have issues due to my structural build with my back, but I don’t have to have surgery. I am glad to write you this letter and let everyone know how much Airrosti and Dr. Le and his staff have helped my life in so many ways.
– Ben Baxley

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