Patient Story: Near Miracle

Hand written text that reads "After only 3 visits I felt I was ready to tackle long days on my feet. - Tara"

When work requires you to be on your feet, taking it easy is not an option. Luckily for this patient, she found Airrosti’s Dr. Corley just in time. Read below to learn how we got her healed in time for a week-long work trip.

I wanted to share my story of how Dr. Corley created the “near miracle” that I asked him for with only three Airrosti treatments on my right foot for plantar fasciitis.
I came limping into Dr. Corley’s office in early December with a nagging heel pain that had been diagnosed by a podiatrist as plantar fasciitis. This doctor had prescribed a giant boot to walk around in and had told me to stay off my feet for two months. After two weeks of staying off of my feet and walking in this boot only when necessary, my heel pain was worse and my back was really starting to hurt from walking crooked due to the giant boot! I was very frustrated!
A woman I met told me about Airrosti and I immediately found Airrosti online and was referred to Dr. Corley. I told Dr. Corley on my first appointment that I needed a “fast miracle” because I was leaving in a week to do a work project that would have me on my feet for around 10-12 hours each day for about a week. In other words, I needed this heel pain gone fast!
After the very first treatment, I would say my heel pain was 75% better. Then after only three treatments, I felt I was ready to tackle those long days on my feet. As far as I was concerned, from the terrible pain I felt when I first arrived at Dr. Corley’s office, to leave after just three treatments, he really did deliver a “near miracle.” The pain was not 100% gone, but I would say it was 90% better. Thanks, Dr. Corely, you and the Airrosti methods are “miracle workers!
– Tara Rosier Gonyea

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