Patient Story: No Longer Limping

I left each visit with less and less of a limp.

In today’s story, we learn how this nurse was able to overcome a painful limp with the help and support of Dr. Travis Owens

Arriving at my first Airrosti appointment I was a mess limping into the office in so much pain and right away I saw smiles that greeted me and offered me a water.
I went through two ER visits, many doctors appointments and two months of physical therapy for my hip pain and still got no relief. The physical therapist identified the problem of my SI Joint being dislocated and corrected it, but I was still walking with a cane.
I am a nurse on my feet throughout a 12-hour shift and this injury put me out of work while I was immobile. Dr. Owens stepped in and told me to make an appointment to see what he could do for me. I was tearful on my first visit but as we continued through the care I left each visit with less and less of a limp.
After six visits, I can finally say that I am pain free! I am so thankful for the time and patience everyone had with me during this difficult injury to finally get me back to feeling myself again.
– Kimberly Seaholm

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