This patient continually works with her hands as a hair stylist, jeweler, and quilt maker. When wrist pain started slowing her down, she came to Airrosti. With help from Airrosti’s Dr. Olson, she is now pain free!

I began my treatment with Dr. Olson on September 19 for carpal tunnel syndrome and saw him twice. After that my schedule got extremely busy, so my progress slowed down since I had to take a three week break from treatments.

When he returned I got to see him twice a week and really made progress. My hands are now pain free! This is great because I’m a hairstylist who also makes jewelry and quilts.

I really needed help and Dr. Olson delivered. I had a severe case that wasn’t just my wrists, but also elbows, shoulders and neck on both hands. He is committed to helping and he cares more than a lot of doctors. He is easy to work with and he is professional.

Timothy Strom joined the practice as the Certified Recovery Specialist, and is a real asset in the recovery room. He gives exercises to do at home and explains them well, and makes sure I understood what to do. He then backed it up with an email showing directions that I can use anytime!

They are a great team and I feel blessed that I found them. I can type this without pain, tingling, and numbness in my hands and fingers! So happy in Denton!

– Barbara Butler