Patient Story: No Surgery, Just Dancing

We recently received this testimonial from Robert Castellano. He was having sciatica pain that was keeping him from his favorite activities, including ballroom dancing. Thanks to Dr. Ryan Corley, Airrosti Provider, Robert avoided surgery and is now back on the dance floor several times a week.

I am a 73-year-old retired public school principal. Eleven years ago, at the age of 62, I experienced my first bout with sciatica.  I had no idea, at the time, what that aching pain in my left hip and terrible “electric shock” down my left leg was all about, but it definitely frightened me (fear of a hip gone bad) and affected my life from that point on. For one and a half years, I went to a recommended chiropractor for treatment and after 20 or so visits (and a large sum of money) was able to gradually feel it go away.  I was never sure whether it was the heat treatments, Tense Electrodes, muscle and/or skeletal manipulations that finally gave me relief or whether my body finally healed the problem on its own.  All I knew was that I was able to function normally and I was very glad for that!
In April of 2013, the dreaded pain returned.  At this stage of my life playing pickleball at the local senior citizen center and ballroom dancing had become my main source of recreation and exercise.  Immediately the pickleball had to go and the ballroom dancing was drastically curtailed since I couldn’t stand for very long. My health and happiness were not good!
After one complete year of attempts to bring relief through my primary physician, the local chiropractor, the Orthopedic Surgeon, repeated injections from the Pain Management Specialist, and exercises at the Physical Therapy Clinic were unsuccessful, I was told that my only option was spinal surgery.  I found myself mentioning my situation to anyone who would listen with the hope that someone would have a suggestion that would help me decide what to do.  When one of my friends told me that her mother had the spinal surgery for sciatica and was confined to a wheelchair thereafter, I became very reluctant to do anything!
Shortly after, at an appointment with my sleep apnea doctor, I shared my dilemma with him.  He told me of a new therapy and highly recommended the young doctor who he personally knew and who was opening a practice in my area. I left his office and went directly to the office of Ryan Corley, DC, at the new Airrosti Rehab Center that he was opening in Georgetown that very day.  As a matter of fact, I walked into the center as he was arriving to begin to open his practice. And instead of setting up a future appointment, he took me into the center immediately!
After only six visits over the course of three weeks, the activities that Dr. Corley recommended that I perform made my sciatica manageable. I would love to say that my sciatica is “cured”, but I guess a lifetime of wear & tear may not allow that. But the truth is, if I remain conscientious and routinely perform the activities that he prescribed (approximately 20 minutes each time, three times a day), I can return to a normal life.  I am doing our daily dance practice, attending our bi-weekly lessons and enjoying a full evening of ballroom dancing several times a month…all with very little or no discomfort. I have not returned to pickleball, but that is a decision I made more relative to my age and the risk involved should a bad fall occur. Most importantly, the risk of surgery is no longer being considered!
My appreciation and admiration for Dr. Corley are immense and I am so thankful that I was able to find him. I honestly recommend him to anyone who needs this kind of help.
– Robert Castellano

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