Patient Story: No Time for Knee Pain

Back to chasing my boys with ease.

When this mom did not have time to let knee pain slow her down, she came to see Airrosti’s Dr. Garrett Carpenter. A few appointments later and she’s back chasing her boys. Read the full story below.

I struggled with an ongoing knee injury which would flare up a few times a month and prevent me from doing any kind of activity without pain or stiffness. I am a mom of three boys under the age of five, so being out of commission in this way was just not an option.
Thank goodness, I heard about Airrosti from a family member. I went ahead and gave it a shot and made an appointment with Dr. Carpenter. He listened to my concerns and clearly explained what I could expect with our sessions and my treatment plan.
After my first session, my mobility and pain were amazingly better! I was blown away by how quickly this treatment worked to heal my injury.
I could get back to chasing after my boys and getting back into the gym after my first appointment. After only 4 sessions I can say that my knee is strong and pain-free! I am so thankful for this treatment and a doctor that listened to me and helped me get back to chasing my boys with ease.
– Melanie Oprea

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