Patient Story: Pain and Agony Gone

The pain and agony gone from my face.

After suffering from excruciating back pain for years, this patient found relief after visiting Airrosti’s Dr. Landon Christy. Read the full story below to learn how Airrosti helped him stand and walk again, free from pain.

I’m a Vietnam Veteran with paralysis on my left side, and I had been dealing with what I thought was lower back pain for almost two years. The last year had been very debilitating.
Over the course of two years, I had been to eight doctors and the diagnosis was anything from “eligible for surgery,” to one doctor wanting to do a 2-day surgery on me.
As a last resort and recommendations from a friend, I saw Dr. Christy. I could hardly walk into his treatment room, but after assessment and treatment, I could stand up straight and walk with about 65% less pain.
My wife said she could see the pain and agony gone from my face.
With some exercises and stretches, and two more treatments, my quality of life is so much better! I can’t Thank Dr. Christy enough for helping me to get my life back.
Before any back surgeries, please try this! Dr. Christy found that my pain wasn’t in my back, but all that time it had been in my left hip. Thank you again, Dr. Christy!
– Charlie Oman

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