Patient Story: Pain Free Legs

I went to 3 sessions with Dr. Siragusa and Now I am pain free

When leg┬ápain began to keep this patient from playing the game he loved, he felt defeated. After finding Airrosti’s Dr. Siragusa, he is back on the field. Read how we helped this soccer player kick his pain, fast.

I am a 37-year-old male, and I had chronic ankle and calf pain/issues. For many years, I would run and play soccer and experience pain in my lower legs. I honestly felt I would never get rid of this pain. I had this calf pain for 4 years, and it would make me stop me from playing soccer for weeks on end.
Luckily a friend told me about Airrosti. Within the first visit, I started feeling better and I could run and play soccer without pain. I went to 3 sessions with Dr. Siragusa and now I am pain-free in both legs.
I know many athletes that try to work through this type of chronic pain, but now you have a place to get you back to your hardcore exercises or sports without slowing down. Dr. Siragusa and Mr. Jared made my visits enjoyable.
– Miguel Garcia

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