Patient Story: Pain Level From 8 to 0

This week we hear from a patient who has been living in pain since she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis over 20 years ago. In this inspirational testimonial, she recounts her incredible experience with Airrosti’s Dr. Rochelle Luna, PT. In 3 visits her pain decreased from an 8 to 0.

I was diagnosed with MS in 1995 and have been living with ongoing pain ever since. Even after an ankle surgical procedure in 2010, a sudden pain under my foot began in 2015 and had progressed over time.
Recently my husband has been receiving treatment at your facility with a successful outcome, which prompted me to schedule an appointment for myself. With the assistance of Dr. Luna in just a weeks time, my pain level decreased from and 8 to a level 3. Within the second treatment my pain level is now less than 1, and no pain by the 3rd session; with still no pain to this day.
I am truly amazed how quickly my pain was alleviated and am completely grateful for how warm, prompt, and inviting the staff and environment is.
– JoEmma Navarro

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