Patient Story: Peak Performance

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Young athletes often push their growing bodies to the limit which can sometimes lead to injuries. Thankfully for this athlete, a few visits to Dr. Welch was all he needed to get back in the game and make a great impression on some college coaches! Read the full story below.

This is a real pleasure to share our 15-year-old son’s experience with Dr. Jonathan Welch and his Airrosti practice. Micah is a baseball player who battled a pulled quad on his left leg for the final months of his season.
He was asked to attend the NTIS in Cary, North Carolina as the season ended, but we felt if he was not at peak performance that he should stay home.
After two sessions with Dr. Welch Micah was ready to compete in North Carolina. Then, seven days before he was scheduled to leave, he sustained a bad ankle sprain.
We now thought he wouldn’t be able to play, but Dr. Welch felt he could fix the problem. Once again, after two sessions, Micah was healed and performed well enough to have several college coaches indicate much interest in him.
To summarize, over a two week period, Dr. Welch healed Micah from a very nagging quad pull and then fixed a bad sprained ankle just in time to make the trip. My wife and I highly recommend Dr. Welch and his Airrosti approach.
– Steve Dallas

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