Annoying knee pain was bothering this patient during his bike rides. After a few visits with Airrosti’s Dr. Brinkley, he’s now riding without pain!

I was referred to Dr. Brinkley by a cycling friend. I originally thought I had a knee injury because of specific pain that would arise while riding my road bike. It was easy to set up an appointment.

Upon my first visit, Dr. Brinkley discussed my activities and realized that I had a tight IT band attributed to several groups of leg muscles being knotted up due to my lack of proper stretching before and after such activities. Through his therapy in the office, as well as advice on proper exercises to do at home, I was back to my active self after 4 visits.

I really liked that after each office visit I received an email that contained links to those proper stretches and strengthening exercises that were provided that day. I continue to do my exercises and remain pain-free and without issues on my road bike as well as when running or swimming. Thanks, Dr. Brinkley!

– Stefan Brooks