Patient Story: Posture Progress

Recovery from any surgery can lead to aches, pains, and muscular imbalances in the body. After undergoing back surgery, this patient was left hunched over. After visiting Airrosti’s Dr. Peregrine, she’s now standing much straighter!

I had a lower back surgery in November 2015. Afterward, my muscles in my lower back and hips went into a constant state of spasm. This caused me to be drastically hunched forward when I walked and stood.
Before I started treatments with Airrosti I had tried 12 weeks of traditional physical therapy, and I was one of those that religiously did my home exercises every day. I had also gone to a pain management doctor, tried trigger point injections, and taken different types of muscle relaxers and pain meds with no success. Finally, after months of little relief, my neurosurgeon recommended Airrosti.
I got in with Dr. Peregrine and Courtney, and after just one visit I had dramatic results! I continued with them for about 4 months spreading my appointments further apart as we went. Now I am almost back to a normal posture. I very highly recommend Airrosti!
– Kyla Leslie

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