Patient Story: Powerlifting Nationals

I would not have qualified for USA Powerlifting Nationals.

When pain was threatening this patient’s shot at USA Powerlifting Nationals, she came to Airrosti’s Dr. Gavin Olds. After just a few short visits, she was good as new! Read the full story below.

I owe Doctor Olds my USAPL Nationals Qualifying total score. After two months of pain in my left arm, to the point that I could no longer hold a barbell on my back for heavy squats, I decided to listen to the athletes at my gym and go see Doc Olds for the pain.
I immediately felt welcome in the office and could see that Olds was genuinely concerned with the problems I was having.
After the first visit I was able to hold the barbell on my back for squats, and three visits later I was able to bench press properly again. I know if I had not gone to see Doctor Olds, I would not have qualified for USA Powerlifting Nationals this past April, and would not be prepping to attempt a 415 Wilks at Nationals in October.
Olds gives phenomenal care, has an in-depth knowledge of sports injuries and how to treat them, and he also happens to be hilarious which helped get through the intensity of the initial visit. He and his assistant, Sara Geer, make a perfect health and recovery team. I send any and all athletes I know who have pain or injuries straight to their office.
– Rachele Lehmann

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