Patient Story: Providing Exceptional Care

This patient searched for hip and shoulder pain relief for quite some time. When she found Dr. Brett Brodbeck, he showed her just how quickly Airrosti can fix her pain, while also providing exceptional customer care. Read more to see just how surprised this patient was!

This review is coming from someone who is very active, has a chiropractor and nutritionist for a dad, and has integrated yoga into my life for the past 7 years.
I have started loving massages to help relieve the constant pain in my hips and shoulders. I have never, until Dr. Brodbeck, found anything that trumped my love for massages.
Dr. Brodbeck is amazing. He has immediate insight into the real issues and solutions for the problems. Within 4 visits, both areas are released and being strengthened.
I truly see a solution, and it has encouraged me to continue my active life! I really can’t express how amazing this is to me, as I have endured years of discomfort. Dr. Brodbeck is one of the most authentic, genuine, caring doctors I’ve come into contact with. You know he has your best interests in mind and values you as a person.
I can’t say enough about this experience, other than if you’re in any type of constant, annoying, irritating, or even level 10 pain, go to him. I tried to relieve it myself for years, and he can do it in 10 minutes! WHAT. Seriously amazing.
-Marie Hudson

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