Sitting hunched over a desk for years on end left this patient plagued with constant pain. After trying a variety of possible solutions, she finally found Airrosti. After just a few visits with Dr. Patrick Campbell, she is now pain free and living life to the fullest again. Read her full story below.

I have spent nearly ten years of my life in constant pain thanks to college, grad school, and a career dedicated to working hunched over a desk. I have tried chiropractors, muscle relaxers, and a constant flow of over-the-counter pain control that never worked.

Recently, the pain got to the point where I could not sleep through the night without waking up in pain with even my legs cramping and without actually feeling rested. The next day consisted of constant sitting that continued to exacerbate the pain.

After just the first visit, I immediately noticed an increased range of motion in the muscles that had become so tense and tight that my whole body felt on the verge of cramping every day. After the treatments that followed, I became more and more capable of managing my own pain and felt like my body was being given back to me. I could walk, sit, and even play with my five-year-old in ways I hadn’t been able to in far too long.

Thanks to my time with Airrosti, I have discovered a new way to manage my pain and have rediscovered an energetic view of life that I was afraid I had lost forever. I could not be more satisfied and happy with my experience with Airrosti and Dr. Campbell.

– Elena Bitner