Patient Story: Running Again

Within 24 hours seriously, no exaggeration my knee was pain free

At Airrosti, our goal is to get you back doing what you love, fast. Our Dr. Ryabinov did just that when he eliminated this patient’s knee pain in just one visit.

A couple weeks ago I set out on my almost daily run around the neighborhood. I made it about 200 yards before I felt a brief shooting pain across my right knee. The sensation immediately subsided so I proceeded with my 5K, squats, and lunges. The next day my knee was in serious pain. I realized I pushed myself too far the night before. I typically like to wait a couple days before going to a doctor, but this time was different and I knew the quicker I was seen, the quicker I’d be able to resume my workouts.
A friend had referred Airrosti and sang their praises — especially how their priority is to get you back to normal activities ASAP. As an athlete, my biggest concern was how long I would have to wait before I could work out again.
I went in for my appointment prepared to hear that I would have to take it easy for at least a couple days. Dr. Ryabinov assessed my knee, movement abilities (specifically with squats and lunges which were the motions that caused the most pain), and flexibility. He then worked on my knee. After the work he again assessed my movement, scheduled my next treatment appointment, and sent me over to see Adam, the Certified Recovery Specialist, to learn some physical therapy exercises.
When I left the office, I noticed my knee did feel a little bit better. Within 24 hours (seriously, no exaggeration) my knee was PAIN FREE. I cautiously resumed my normal exercises, with the addition of the suggested physical therapy, and have had no issues since.
I will absolutely return to them for my future needs and will undoubtedly refer others to their office as well. The biggest appeal for me to go to them over my regular doctor was the fact that I wanted to resume activity as quickly as possible — I just didn’t realize it was going to be THAT quick!
– Christina Comerford

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