Patient Story: Setting Personal Records

hand-drawn leg with colorful lettering that reads "in a matter of 3 visits I went from barely walking to having full motion in my knee"

Jumping into a new workout can sometimes cause aches and pains to pop up unexpectedly. Thanks to her coach, this patient found Airrosti’s Dr. Espinoza and was able to get back in the gym and start setting new records.

I realized in April 2015 that I needed to make a change and lead a healthier life style and decided to give CrossFit a chance. A co-worker suggested I should visit Crossfit SPXF in Laredo because they have the best coaches.
In May 2015 I started my first CrossFit class. Fast forward to September 2015 I noticed pain coming from my right knee. I didn’t pay much attention to it and continued to work through the pain and thought it would eventually get better. I couldn’t have been more wrong.
By December I was in so much pain that something so simple as walking had become a challenge. As my pain became more intense and unbearable, my wonderful coach Philip Garcia at SPXF suggested I call Dr. Sergio Espinoza with Airrosti to get an evaluation. I didn’t know what to expect, I thought for sure I had torn something in my knee.
Right after my evaluation Dr. Espinoza reassured me that nothing was torn, but I did have a lot of swelling. Dr. Espinoza explained in full detail the process of my appointments and rehab. I was to have four office visits in which I was going to have 30 minutes of consultation with him and 30 minutes of rehab with Alexis.
Within one visit I had significant improvement with my knee. With each week I continued to feel a lot better. Alexis showed me stretches and strengthening exercises to aid and prevent further injury. In a matter of three visits I went from barely walking to having full motion in my knee. I had such great improvement that I was discharged on my 3rd visit.
Since my last visit, in January, I have been able to lunge all the way down to the floor with almost no pain and have significantly increased weight when doing front or back squats. After my first visit I was only able to back squat about 55 lbs and in a lot of pain. I am proud to say with Dr. Espinoza’s help my last PR on back squat was 145 lbs and 110 front squat.
I am extremely thankful for everything Dr. Espinoza and Alexis at Airrosti did to help me get back on track. I now use all the tools they showed me to keep me mobile and prevent any injury.
– Nancy Reyes

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