Patient Story: Shout It From the Mountaintop

Going from running to hobbling is never fun. Thanks to Airrosti, this patient quickly eliminated his pain! The at-home exercises combined with in-office treatment left this patient singing the praises of Dr. Vaughan and Ashley! Read the full story below!

I am a runner and love being active. Last October, I noticed some discomfort in my hips while running. At the time it felt skeletal, not muscular. After a few visits with my chiropractor, I did get some relief, but was not ever completely without pain.
I did notice that the discomfort seemed more muscular and sought out medical massage as treatment. It helped, but I only had a break from pain for a brief amount of time.
Frustrated with feeling like a 75-year-old, not a 44-year-old, and hobbling around, I began to seek counsel for alternatives. I knew someone could help me. I heard from a few friends about Airrosti. I had hope!
Immediately I began the process of scheduling an appointment and filling out the documentation. Dr. Vaughan was the only person who actually diagnosed what was happening to me. Thank the Lord I had found a doctor that knew what the problem was, and, better yet, how to fix it.
After my first appointment, I was sore, but felt a ton of relief! I followed my at-home regimen from him and Ashley. After each appointment there was improvement.
Now I am completely pain free. My running game is better, stronger. I still do my therapy routine at home to prevent any relapses. If there was a mountain near by, I would shout from the top on how terrific my experience was.
Dr Vaughan and Ashley, the Certified Recovery Specialist, are a great team!
– Zann Hoist

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