Patient Story: Sports Medicine Breakthrough

hand-written text that reads "It seems Airrosti has made a breakthrough in sports medicine." - Jed

At Airrosti, our treatment is unlike any other. Even when rest, surgery, and injections couldn’t help this patient, Airrosti’s Dr. Balza could. Read the full story below to learn how we got this avid runner back on his feet.

Airrosti has simply worked wonders for me. I was skeptical at first, but now I’m telling everyone I know about the success of their approach. This testimonial is a little long, but if others might benefit from hearing my story, I want to tell it.
I’m an avid runner who was sidelined with knee pain for 18 months until I found Airrosti. After years of marathon and ultra running, I began developing anterior knee pain (typical symptoms of runner’s knee, chondromalacia patella, etc.) and this time it seemed serious.
I saw a couple MDs, had MRIs, visited my usual go-to chiropractors and soft-tissue specialists, and did lots of therapy. But the pain got worse for several months and I eventually had to quit running altogether. The diagnosis seemed to be a mix of quad tendinosis (not tendinitis!) and grade 3/4 chondromalacia (frayed knee cartilage with small complete fissue in trochlear groove).
Over the next year, I tried every treatment in the book, starting conservative and getting more aggressive with no results. My treatments included physical therapy, active release, Graston technique, and then on to prolotherapy (needling quad tendon and patella with sugar water injections) and PRP (platelet-rich plasma injection in the quad tendon). I even had stem cells drawn from my hip (needle inserted with ‘hammer assistance’) and injected into my knee joint – I was desperate. I eventually got back to some modest mileage, but nowhere near the speed or distance, I used to run. The knee was still not right and wasn’t getting better.
After 18 months, my orthopedic surgeon finally agreed to operate and I underwent a standard arthroscopic cleaning (quad fat pad trim, plica removal, smoothing cartilage). The usual recovery time is 8 weeks, but after 4 months I was still limping when I walked and struggled with stairs. At this point, I felt out of options. I had seen at least 10 different specialists and spent north of $10K out-of-pocket for treatments, not to mention loads of time.
It was then that someone (a dancer) told me about Airrosti and their approach to soft-tissue injuries. I was skeptical that my injury was “soft-tissue”, yet was still convinced my problem could be fixed. I made an appointment and was immediately impressed by the fact that my doctor, Dr. Rob Balza, called me the night before my appointment to hear about my problem and history. I thought I might have scared him off at that point, but he said “No problem. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow.”
Over the next two months, I had seven one-hour visits with Dr. Balza and team. They included 30 min of hands-on therapy and consultation with Dr. Balza, and 30 min working on PT/stretching/rolling and KT taping. After the 3rd visit, there were clearly noticeable improvements. After the 6th visit, I was running as far and as fast as my conditioning allowed, without any setbacks. I’m now ready to race a half-marathon and consider myself fixed.
After all I had gone through, it took only six visits with Airrosti to cure a problem that had me sidelined for 20 months. No special injections or surgeries, just a knowledgeable pair of hands, a foam roller, and some tape. The lesson I take from this is that traditional medicine likes to focus on imaging diagnosis, hard tissue, and expensive treatment schemes while neglecting soft-tissue, muscle balance, and functional movement, which were clearly the main cause of my problems. It seems Airrosti has made a breakthrough in sports medicine with their approach to clearing up scar tissue and restoring fascia and muscle function. It worked for me, and I’m so grateful!
– Jed Hartings

  • Shawn Connolly
    Posted at 20:40h, 03 May Reply

    I’m the Captain of several competitive tennis teams every year and I have sent HUNDREDS of players to Airrosti of all ages (18 to 86). I can tell you the results are amazing and have only heard less than a handful of players come back with negative results. You’d be crazy to consider surgery and/ or a physical therapy regiment without consulting Airrosti first. Save yourself a ton of time trying to recover and possible money seeking a recovery solution – go see Airrosti first!

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