Patient Story: The Priority is You

The best part about the staff is that they care.

At Airrosti, we care about our patients’ quality of life. Read how Dr. Andy Peregrine in Waco, TX helped this patient eliminate his pain and improve his mood.

I came to Airrosti because of how uncomfortable I felt daily due to a constant pain in my neck and back. No matter what I did: sit, stand, lay down, etc., I was in a constant state of discomfort. I had trouble getting to sleep every night and it would affect how I felt the next day. Dr. Peregrine and Ryan Brown at the Airrosti offices in Waco helped me turn all of that around.
They educated me on what I was doing that was causing the problem, and how to take preventative measures going forward. The best part was how involved I got to be in my own recovery process.
After Dr. Peregrine worked on me, Ryan laid out a plan or “homework assignments” I could execute at home that would help in my recovery. This education itself is worth the visit.
I still do the exercises at home to prevent flare ups and improve how I feel. My day-to-day mood has improved tremendously. I go to sleep now with no pain and wake up feeling great every day.
I would recommend Airrosti to anyone dealing with pain. The best part about the staff is they care. If your problem can’t be resolved at their office, they’ll comp your visit and tell you where to go. You can tell their goal is to get you in and out in the least number of visits as possible and to keep you out so that you don’t have to spend more money than you have to on your recovery. The priority is YOU. If for some reason I deal with physical issues down the road, I know where to turn for help.
Airrosti helped fix my pain FAST!
– Joshua Jackson

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