Patient Story: Throwing Away the Cane

Between treatments and hom exercises I feel so much better. I hope to throw away my cane eventually.

Surgeries can often lead to long, painful recovery periods. After undergoing a dozen back surgeries, this patient was tired of living in pain. Taking advice from a friend, she visited Airrosti’s Dr. Levick. With his help, this patient is getting closer to walking without a cane.

I am a 78-year-old woman who has had 10 back surgeries. A friend of mine, Ryan Pratt, has been telling me for about five years to try Airrosti. Ryan knows that I am in pain daily, but I do not take pain pills. I finally gave in and agreed to give Airrosti a try.
WOW! Dr. Levick has given me three treatments so far. It is an amazing thing to me to find relief so quickly. I went from a 9 or 10 on the pain scale, to about a 3 or 4.
Dr. Levick told me that he alone cannot make me better. I have to do the exercises that he prescribes for me at home in order to speed my healing.
Between his treatments and the home exercises, I feel so much better. I hope to be able to throw away my cane eventually. I have relied on it for about six years.
I had never really “trusted” Chiropractors before. I now recommend it to all my friends. Airrosti is the best!
– Diane Hall

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