Patient Story: Throwing Pain Away

Mahendra Raju is a cricket player came to Airrosti when extreme shoulder pain was threatening their ability to pitch. Dr. Brittany Latiolais did her research and knew exactly how to treat this specific injury. Best of all, they never had to stop pitching. Within a few visits, they were throwing faster than ever. 

Dr. Brittany Latiolais, DC is fantastic! She has terrific people skills and is also a very technically skilled doctor. She is patient to hear my list of comments/questions and spends the time & effort to sufficiently answer all of my questions. She gave me a sound plan of action to keep up with that would help to improve my overall health.
I visited Airrosti because my sports doctor advised me to take rest, stop pitching, and to get an MRI. I had intense pain in my shoulder, so much so that I couldn’t use my right-hand shoulder to steer towards the right while driving, I have been pitching since I was 11 years old and I had no interest in stopping.
When I met Dr. Brittany Latiolais, DC the first thing she asked me was what kind of sports do you play? I replied I play cricket and I explained about the game and how I pitch. She did the research about the game and then started my treatment. Every session after that I was improving and never had to stop pitching. My friends say I pitch faster now! I recommended Dr. Brittany Latiolais, DC and urge them to visit this place. 
Mahendra Raju 

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