Patient Story: No Time for Downtime

Making the decision to improve your health is a big step, and actually sticking to your plan is a huge accomplishment. Cincinnati firefighter, Sal Fucito, was recently inspired by the show “The Biggest Loser” to turn his life around. Over nine months, Sal made healthy diet and exercise choices and managed to lose 130 pounds. After coming this far, he wasn’t going to let a little thing like pain keep him from the active lifestyle he now loved, which is why he chose Airrosti. Read Sal’s story below.

I would like to take a minute and thank Dr. Mike Turjanica of Airrosti Rehab for getting me back to work and the football field. One day before work at the firehouse, I was on my morning jog when at 3.75 miles I felt as if I was shot in my right calf. I had to leave work with the injury since I was unable to perform my duties as a firefighter. I went to see a local orthopedic doctor. Their office did the typical routine: take an x-ray, examine me for about 90 seconds, and palpate my Achilles’ tendon and calf muscle. Then they put me in a stabilizing boot for 3 weeks.
This course of action was completely unacceptable to me as I have spent the last 9 months losing 130 pounds and regaining an active lifestyle. Through the recommendation of a friend of mine, I made an appointment with Dr. Turjanica at Airrosti. He spent an hour assessing and treating my injury. I felt remarkably better in just one visit. After my second visit I was able to not only jump on my leg, but I could run pain free. I was released to go back to work as a firefighter AND even allowed to continue practicing football.
I went back to the original orthopedic doctor to get clearance for my employer to allow me to go back to full firefighting duty. After another 90 second exam and explaining to them what I have done for therapy, they released me to go back to work with no restrictions. It took only 2 visits to get me back to work, and I did not have to sit around with my foot in a boot. Thank you so much Dr. Turjanica for taking the time to assess me and do the work to get me back to living the active lifestyle I’ve come to enjoy once again!
Sal Fucito

Photo Courtesy: “Firefighters in Iraq” by TSgt Jeremy Lock

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