Patient Story: No Down Time

We recently received this patient story from LP Carr, a patient of Dr. Ben Renfro. While training to qualify for the Boston Marathon, Carr began having issues with plantar fasciitis. Thankfully, one of Carr’s co-workers recommended Airrosti and after a few treatments, his pain quickly subsided. Check out his full story below!

Late summer 2014 my goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon started to slip away. While training for the 2015 Houston Marathon, plantar fasciitis flared up on my feet. It was a struggle to walk during the days and getting out of bed on my feet in the mornings had become a source of sure and agonizing torture.

A co-worker overheard that I had an issue and aggressively directed me to the source of those who had helped him; Dr. Ben Renfro and Patty Jackson. I set up an appointment and they examined me, confirmed the issue, and advised me on a routine of exercises and self-massage techniques that would rectify the issue.
After my first appointment I got back into my workouts and back on schedule with distance and speed. I only had 3 appointments with them. Last weekend I ran a 3:20:40, which qualifies my age group for Boston.
The best thing is I didn’t have to take any medication and didn’t have any down time. I was educated on what the issue was and how to treat it at home.
I referred my two out-of-town marathon buddies at the marathon who were also having issues; one with Achilles tendonitis and the other with the ball of his foot. They’re lucky to have Airrosti offices in their areas of Dallas and the Valley, but I wish they could go to Dr. Ben Renfro and Patty Jackson here in my area.
– LP Carr

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