This patient had no time to be in pain while he was training to climb Mount Rainier. After reading great reviews about Airrosti’s Dr. Shiflett, he paid him a visit. A few sessions later he was pain free and made it to the top! Read the full story below.

I first found Airrosti via a Google search and was a bit skeptical of the perfect 5 star reviews that Dr. Shiflett’s office had, but I was in pain and needed a quick solution so I thought I’d give it a shot.

I met with Dr. Shiflett and explained that I was training to climb Mt. Rainier in just a few months and was experiencing significant knee pain while I was doing training hikes on the weekend. Brandon was eager to understand where my pain was and assured me that it shouldn’t impact my ability to reach my goal.

While it took a few visits to pinpoint the areas that were the source of my knee pain, we were able to figure it out and, along with Sam, work out a training program to solve my issues.
Because mountaineering training is so intensive, I ended up coming back a few months later for an unrelated issue in my shins. Again, we worked together to find the source of the problem and were able to get it corrected in time for me to start my climb.

I’m happy to say that I reached the summit of Mt. Rainier on May 31st! I can honestly say that I don’t think that I would have been able to make it to the top without Brandon & Sam’s help. I really appreciate everything they did to help me get there!

–¬†Adam Boeglin