Patient Story: Train Hard Pain Free

With the help of Dr. Bill Kempe this patient has found relief for elbow, groin and low back pain. Airrosti has allowed this athlete to train hard, pain free all year long. Read his full story below!

I first went to Airrosti when I was competing in the Crossfit Games Regionals in 2014. Then when I moved to DC in 2016 I was lucky enough to have an Airrosti provider within distance from where I lived. Over the past two years, Airrosti has helped me fight groin issues, lower back pain and elbow pain.
Every time I went to Airrosti I felt a little better and was given the tools to make continual progress in the areas that hurt to make them feel better and stay better. Airrosti has really helped me to train hard for multiple years and I will continue to use them in the future!
– Craig Williams 

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