Patient Story: Triathlete Triumph

In the face of daunting challenges, it’s important to keep your body and health the number one priority. When this patient hit a wall during his training, he turned to Airrosti’s Dr. Justin Tyger to get him back on track. Check out his full story to learn how Airrosti helped him compete in a 223-mile relay race from Austin, Texas all the way to the coast!

I’m an active runner and triathlete, but over the past several years have battled numerous partial achilles tears and calf muscle problems. As I trained for an approaching race (Capital to Coast 223-mile relay race) my achilles started acting up.
With only a few weeks left before the race I was at the point where I could no longer run more than about 1 mile without experiencing sharp pain and having to stop to prevent further injury. It seemed I would have to drop out of the race.
I had several sessions with Dr. Tyger and with some trial runs could tell I was getting better. The weekend of the race I ran 3 legs of 9 miles, 6 miles and 6 miles in a 24-hour period with absolutely no pain in my achilles whatsoever.
I honestly couldn’t believe it. Having dealt with these achilles issues for years and having had to drop out of other races because of it, this was truly outstanding. I can’t say enough about how well and how quickly Airrosti worked for me.
– Steve Collins

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