Patient Story: Unlocking Pain

After surgery, your body may not be 100 percent restored. After years of limited mobility, Airrosti’s Dr. Brittani Young helped her patient improve his range of motion so that he could finally find relief and fully straighten his leg. Read the full story below!

I had ACL reconstruction surgery 5 years ago in high school. My physical therapist at the time completely neglected the soft tissue part of by rehab. Because of this my knee was pretty messed up.
I was missing around 20 to 25 degrees of extension. I was pretty skeptical at first with the low amount of therapy needed, but once Dr. Young started working on my knee it changed everything.
I felt my leg almost unlock after every visit and after only six visits my leg is now straight and I can work to full extension with the exercises they provided. Pretty amazing.
This would have taken months and months in therapy to accomplish these results. Thanks Brittani!
– Nathan Lieberman

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