Patient Story: Wrist Pain Gone, So Life Can Go On

In today’s testimonial, we learn about a mother suffering from chronic wrist pain, so much pain that her daily quality of life was deteriorating. With the help of Airrosti’s Dr. Anatolia Vick, this patient no longer suffers from wrist pain and is able to pick up her kids again without pain!

I was suffering from chronic wrist pain in my right arm from a previous injury and numbness and pain in my left wrist and thumb. By the end of the day for several months straight, my wrists and forearms would be in so much pain that I would lose feeling, grip strength and even have difficulty picking up my kids. My daily quality of life was slipping away from me and enough was enough!
Within 3 visits of being treated by Dr. Vick I haven’t complained about daily wrist pain, I haven’t lost grip strength in picking up the barbell and I’ve had no trouble picking up my kids, car seats or strollers. I’m so grateful to have my quality of daily physical activity back! Thank you, Dr. Vick!!! I highly recommend Airrosti for anyone suffering from musculoskeletal pain and injury!
– Lasy Wehmeyer

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