Patient Story: Rediscover The Joy of Running

We recently received this testimonial from James Perry, a US Army Veteran, about how Airrosti helped him rediscover his love for running. After suffering from stiff painful legs for nearly two years, Airrosti’s Dr. Reeves was able to quickly pinpoint the cause of the pain and eliminate it. He is now back to actually enjoying his training for the 2015 Boston Marathon.

After retiring from the Army in 2003, my running gradually took a backseat to other priorities. In 2011 I began running again and my mileage increased rapidly over the coming year to the tune of two marathons, a 50K and 50 miler.
I suffer from the “no pain, no gain mentality” to the extent that while injured, I continued to train and race for almost two years. This resulted in chronic Achilles tendonitis in both legs. My calf muscles were also constantly sore and knotted from the back of my ankles up to the back of my knees.
I tried sports massages, trigger point therapy, and a lot of self-performed deep tissue massage to get by. In the end, my calves would get so painful and tight that I had to hobble after running an hour or so. Then I did what many runners might do — I ran harder.
It didn’t work, of course. It got worse. Even though I managed to get into the Boston Marathon in 2015, I knew that if I could not get my injuries under control I would not be able to train properly.
That being said, I finally decided to give Airrosti a try. After an evaluation, Dr. Reeves went to work. I must say, you have to expect some pain, but if you’re serious about something, you know nothing comes easy.
After three sessions there was a substantial improvement in dorsiflexion and a reduction of pain and tightness. After three more, I am finally able to toe-off again. I can plant my feet without the pain and tightness that I’ve become accustomed to. My legs are “springs” again!
In essence, I am not afraid to run again. I was a bit skeptical, but I can honestly say that without the treatments I would be dreading every training run rather than enjoying every step of the 26.2 miles as you should.
I was flying down the road a few mornings ago and something amazing happened, I found myself smiling and happy to be running. I would highly recommend Airrosti to anyone who has the desire to fix an issue such as mine, just don’t wait as long as I did.
– James Perry

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