PGA Tour US Open: Jimmy Walker and Airrosti

The 2014 PGA Tour US Open begins today. This tournament takes place over four days, Thursday to Sunday, at Pinehurst No.2 in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Top golfers will compete for the lowest stroke count to win prize money and the coveted trophy.

Jimmy Walker on PGA Tour

Jimmy Walker is currently the FedEx Cup Leader for the first time during his career. Jimmy has competed in 187 PGA events over the past nine years, but this year he’s on top of his game and performing better than ever. He won three of the first 8 PGA Tour events this year, finished in the top 10 in the past five events, and is now on the list of the world’s top 50 golfers. In previous years, Jimmy suffered neck, shoulder and back injuries that hindered his performance. After discovering Airrosti, he was able to resolve his injuries with little to no downtime. This allowed him to continue to improve his game.

Common Golf Injuries

Back, neck and shoulder issues are common in golfers since the sport requires so many repetitive motions. Airrosti treats many of these common injures, as well as a range of other athletic ailments. Our providers know that professional athletes like Jimmy Walker, as well as other competitive athletes and active individuals, can’t afford to spend weeks or months nursing an injury. They need to get back in the game fast. Thus, our focus is on expert diagnosis and highly specific treatment designed to resolve the source of pain or injury as quickly as possible with lasting results.

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