Andrew Flesner, DC


Andrew Flesner, DC

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Became an Airrosti Provider:2014

Graduate School:National University of Health Sciences

Hometown:Rantoul, IL

Hobbies:Anything outdoors, Crossfit, Movies, Martial Arts, and most of all spending time with my family!

Interesting Facts:Could have been a successful professional eater.rnHas family on four of the seven continents.rnMy 3rd day at my first summer job I accidentally shot a 3 inch nail through my wrist, I was fine!

Professional Affiliations:Amercian Chiropractic Society, La Grange Business Association

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti meets the needs of it's patients by focusing on giving a great experience, accurately and expertly diagnosing the problem quickly, and giving or referring for exactly the care the patient needs. This allows Airrosti patients to get fast relief and learn to avoid future problems. It is all about doing what is in the best interest of the patient and not the best interested of anyone or anything else. It's all about the patient.

I am a 51 year old male who thought the pain I felt in my neck when I turned my head to either side was just a sign of getting older. The pain was always there but I noticed it mostly in the morning. Sometimes the pain even woke me up at night when I turned over to sleep on my stomach. I learned about Airrosti through my work associates at BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois. They told me about their experiences so I decided to give Airrosti a try. I met with Dr. Andrew Flesner in Naperville, IL and he diagnosed me with upper cross syndrome. It's an imbalance of the muscles in your arms, neck, chest, and shoulders. The front muscles are too tense and the back muscles are too relaxed which, over time, leads to tension in your neck and pain. Dr. Flesner explained there is a membrane that surrounds the muscles called the fascia and it constricts on itself causing the tension and pain. The first step towards recovery is to smooth out the fascia. Using his thumb and a little bit of lubricant, ...+ show morehe pressed on the chest muscle near the arm to smooth out the fascia. This was painful but necessary to relax the fascia. Afterwards he gave me exercises to stretch the overly tense muscles. The second appointment the pain was a little less but still there. He did some more pressure treatment on the arms and neck. He also showed me some more exercises to stretch and activate the appropriate muscles. By the third treatment, my pain was 90% gone. After the treatment with Dr. Flesner at Airrosti I realized the need to exercise the muscles appropriately and be aware of my posture. I would recommend Airrosti to anyone who has a sprain or strain that before they go anywhere else, go see someone at Airrosti. They will be able to tell you if you have a condition they can fix or if you need to get more serious medical attention.

Mark Slusarski

I am a US Army Veteran. I spent 15 years in the Army and was separated medically due to neck and back issues. In the past 4 years I have done everything imaginable to alleviate the pain that I feel daily. I have received cortisol injections, visited chiropractors, received massage therapy, and tried stretching and exercise. Nothing gave me relief from my pain! When the Wounded Warrior Project sent me the email for Airrosti you can imagine my skepticism. Relieve most pain in 3 short visits?! I am happy that I did not allow my skepticism to keep me from visiting this clinic. Dr. Flesner really knows his stuff! It's almost like magic because I feel like a new man today! After living in pain for almost half a decade I can honestly say I feeling 100 percent better! Dr. Flesner is also very personable. He explains everything to you in easy to understand terms. If you are in pain I highly recommend visiting this clinic!

Brian N.

I was evaluated by the Airrosti staff at the North Central CrossFit Regionals. At the time I was in so much pain that no one had been able to help. I was taking mega doses of pain medication. I was told I could be treated, so I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Flesner. I was really excited about the prospect of being pain free and I am! After 4 visits, I am back to my old self and doing everything that I want. Many thanks to Airrosti and especially to Dr. Flesner.

Julie M.