Eric Olson, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2016

Undergraduate School:Texas Christian University

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Dallas, Texas

Hobbies:Tennis, running, swimming, strength training, triathlons, designing exercise programs, staying updated on clinical research, going to concerts, spending time with family, and traveling.

Interesting Facts:During my senior year at TCU, I studied abroad in both Ghana and the Netherlands. While working as a research assistant at the Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine in Dallas, TX, I met Benoit Lecomte, a long distance swimmer who was the first person to swim across the Atlantic Ocean without a kickboard.

Awards and Recognitions:Thomas Hyde Research Award, Federation of International Sports Chiropractic Scholarship recipient, Standard Process Nutrition Award, TACSM Undergraduate Major of the Year, and TCU Department of Kinesiology Academic Achievement Award.

Professional Affiliations:Texas Chiropractic Association and American Chiropractic Association

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti is a group of well-trained chiropractors and rehabilitation specialists that are committed to improving the lives of their patients. Our rapid resolution of musculoskeletal injuries has transcended the outcomes reported by the rest of the field. The treatment provided by Airrosti doctors is evidence-based and has a high level of consistency and reproducibility due to the rigorous vetting and training process. Airrosti is at the forefront of conservative management of musculoskeletal injuries. It is a privilege to work with such motivated, talented, and passionate individuals.

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by Elaine Balkan

After my fall the only non-pain positions were sitting (still) and lying in bed (still). The slightest movement of the left leg was painful to level 10 in upper inner leg and groin area. I saw Dr. Eric Olson on 10-02-17. After the first treatment, the pain level was reduced 40% and I had a slight mobility of left leg. After 2nd treatment, 48 hours later, the pain level was reduced another 30% with more mobility of left leg. After 3rd treatment, another 48 hours later, pain level was reduced another 28% with the total mobility of left leg. There was a dull ache in left leg and hip but I was able to walk without the assistance of Walking Sticks. After 4th treatment 5 days later, THERE WAS NO PAIN, NO DULL ACHE, TOTAL MOBILITY OF LEFT LEG. It ...+ show morewas as if I had not injured the left leg and hip. This healing was so fast and so complete I still must pinch myself to believe I am whole, healed, without pain and going about my life as before the fall. I might mention I am 81 years old and a fall at this age usually keeps one in crippling pain with loss of mobility for months. No medication. Only X-ray to rule out a fracture. My appreciation for Dr. Olson and Airrosti is boundless. Airrosti lives up to its slogan "WE FIX PAIN FAST". My gratitude to the Airrosti Team forever.

by Jennifer McDaniel

My son is a very active soccer player. He has been suffering from heel pain for over two years. He's had MRIs, sonograms, and x-rays. He has seen a handful of orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists. We've spent countless amounts on shoes, shoe inserts and ankle braces. The hardest part for my son was all the time away from the field his pain caused. We were finally directed to Airrosti Therapy with Dr. Olson. Under his guidance and care, my son was finally able to play the game he loves PAIN FREE! The suggested strengthening excercises has kept his issues away for months! You never plan for your kids to have sports related injuries, but next time I'll make Dr Olson my first visit rather than my last!

by Samantha Weber

Before Airrosti, I had been in chronic pain, for 7 years, from several car accidents that regular physical therapy, chiropractic treatment and medication would not relieve. After my sessions with Dr. Olson and Tim Strom, I can happily say that I am finally pain free!

by Rosa Byers

I have been a patient of Dr. Olson for sometime. I was very pleased with the results of Dr. Olson and I highly recommend him to anyone who is having back or hip issues. Dr. Olson takes a special interest with each person to help correct the problem. Unlike so many doctors, Dr. Olson ,gives quality time, excellent listening skills, and shows his genuine concern. I would highly recommend going to Dr. Olson for relief of pain and discomfort.

by Sherry Neu

I had my doubts trying physical therapy, "again". I've had 3 previous back surgeries and 1 neck surgery and PT never improved my condition. I endured 2 years of pushing through shoulder and neck pain until it increased to a level I was looking forward to surgery. Dr. Catino suggested I try Airrosti. It was not the usual physical therapy. They had a different approach that he thought would be beneficial. I thought it was useless but was willing to try it only if they could see me immediately. The pain was almost unbearable. The appointment was scheduled for the following day. I entered the office and immediately saw in big letters a wall testimonial "after 3 visits I was able to play basketball again", I chuckled. Yeah right.... OMGoodness!!...+ show more! Magic hands, Dr. Olson, spent no more than a few minutes and the pain level decreased immediately! Then Tim showed me some wonderful easy exercises to release pain. I actually slept the whole night almost painless. The next appointment was even better. My shoulder pain went from a level 8 to 1 after three appointments. No surgery for me. There are times when I'm actually pain FREE. Thank you Airrosti, Dr. Olson and Tim!

by Melissa Bialowas

After years of heel pain, an orthopedist recommended foot surgery. I decided to try Airrosti as one last thing before agreeing. Eric Olson took over when another Airrosti doctor was out for a family emergency. He was able to find the source of the pain and work through it. The orthopedist agreed I no longer need surgery. Now, more than six months later, I am running more than ever and the pain has not come back.

by Barbara Butler

I began my treatment with Dr. Olson on sept 19 for carpal tunnel syndrome & saw him twice, then I traveled & he traveled so my progress slowed down (I had no treatment for three weeks). When he returned I got to see him twice a week & really made progress from oct 17-nov 15. My hands are pain free which is great because I'm a hairstylist who also makes jewelry & quilts. I really needed help & Dr. Olson delivered. I had a severe case that wasn't just my wrists, but also elbows, shoulders & neck on both hands. He is committed to helping & he cares more than a lot of Drs, while being easy to work with & professional. Timothy Strom joined the practice and is a real asset in the recovery room to give exercises to do at home by explaining them we...+ show morell, making sure I understood what to do & then backed it up with an email showing me again that I can use anytime! They are a great team & I feel blessed that I found them & can type this without pain, tingling & numbness in my hands & fingers!! So happy in Denton!!

by Dinora Velasquez

I've been suffering with back pain for years and had giving up on getting any relief after nothing working. My co-workers had watch me suffer for year and I had few suggest Airrosti to me not to long ago. A few weeks later I received an email at work about Airrosti coming and doing an educational luncheon and evaluation. I was so excited since I've been thinking about it but never looked into it. I met with Dr. Olson for the initial evaluation and he let me know he could help me with my pain. Of course I was little skeptical but willing to try anything to feel better. I scheduled my appointment right away and that was the best decision I ever made. After the first appointment I could not believe how great my back felt. Being 35 with two kid...+ show mores has been a challenge and not fun especially having to deal with the chronic pain. During one of the following appointments we ran into a bump in the road but Dr. Olson was on it. He sent me to get x-ray and followed by a MRI. We were able to find out some interesting findings that led to a treatment plan. It's just amazing to me how just a few visits made such an impact on my back and life. I'm feeling great and it has help me get back to running which is something I love and enjoy but have not been able to do it with my pain. I feel like Dr. Olson had my best interests at heart and did his research to make sure he gave me the best treatment plan. Thank you so much Dr. Olson. I would recommend him to all my friends and family.

by Jennifer Collinsworth

I was in a bad car accident five years ago. After numerous chiropractor appointments and headaches happening more frequently, I found out about Arrosti. I ran a half marathon right before my accident and hadn't run more than 3 miles at a time after it. My headaches were too painful. After only four appointments with Dr. Olson, I was back to running. I'm now running 2 - 3 miles every morning before work without any complications at all and I can return to long distance runs as well. This truly was a life changer and I would recommend it for anyone who is in pain. Thank you so much Dr. Olson and Airrosti! I'm back to feeling like myself once again!

by Lisa Horn

I saw Dr. Welch in May for hip and back pain that I had suffered with for several months. I did not want to see a chiropractor who I would have to see several times a week forever. Two different friends of mine recommended Airrosti as they had great results. I chose Dr. Welch based on his bio and location. I reviewed the website and liked the Airrosti philosophy. Dr. Welch was able to determine my issues based on a few assessments and provided effective treatment. He was super personable and empathetic and genuinely wanted to help me get better. He even called me after treatments to see how I was doing. Lauren was great to work with as well and gave me the appropriate stretches and exercises to do on my own. It took about 5 visits and I fel...+ show moret much better. I continued the exercises after I was released and my hip pain is completely gone now! I work in the fitness industry and have recommended Airrosti to several of my clients and peers.