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Became an Airrosti Provider:2014

Graduate School:Palmer College of Chiropractic

Hometown:Omaha, Nebraska

Hobbies:CrossFit, Yoga, Cooking/Nutrition, Sports, Outdoors, & Traveling.

Interesting Facts:I have a 2 year old Mini Aussie Shepard named Sydney.

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by Katherine Dalton

HIGHLY highly recommend!! Our daughter got a bad ankle sprain playing basketball, 2 days before the indoor track state meet and right before the outdoor track season started… very swollen, bruised, and couldn’t put any weight on it. I seriously didn’t think she’d run again for another 4-6 weeks, and she thought her outdoor season was pretty much shot. Now, I don’t know what kind of magic Dr. G and Vincent worked, but she ran yesterday for the first time (less than 2 weeks after the injury), pain free, and ramped up to a 5k 2.5 weeks after crutches! 3 weeks later post-injury, she’s back to her regular 5-8 mile practices, with NO pain at all. Not only that, but Dr. G and Vincent were in constant communication with her throughout treatmen+ show moret, even texting her for updates!! Strongly recommend him for ANY soft tissue injury!!!!

by Bobby Page

I did it landing from a skydive… I had never heard of Airrosti until I read about it through my employer, Battelle. I had just dislocated my shoulder pretty severely a few weeks prior in August. I tore half of one of the four rotator cuff tendons, broke a bone in the shoulder, and significantly tore my labrum. The ball of my shoulder joint sat on my right chest for three hours as I waited in the ER. I am a pretty funny person but I couldn’t think up enough jokes with the nurses to keep my mind off the pain. 😉 I am not a novice skydiver or anything and cannot remember the last time I fell on landing. It has probably been 15 years since I last hurt myself, but I guess the law of large numbers will catch up to you at some point. I have + show morebeen jumping 26 years and am closing in on 6000 jumps so getting back in the air was my motivation. Especially since the injury happened just before the 2017 football season and the busiest time for my side job of jumping into outdoor events. So, I had to sit on the ground watching other members of my team jump into all the events instead of joining them. There is no better motivation to get healed than to taste adrenaline again. 🙂 I started taking the physicians assistant-directed Physical Therapy soon after the accident and when I saw the orthopedic doctor, he figured I may need surgery but wanted to give me 6 weeks to see. During that period is when I found out about Airrosti and had three appointments in 10 days and a fourth after another 10 days. I worked diligently on all the exercises they gave me and when I went back to the doctor, he was blown away at my condition saying that he was fully expecting to recommend surgery. He expected to find a lot of ‘slop’ in my shoulder where he could move it within the joint but there was no movement at all and my strength astonished him. He said I was at the same place folks would be weeks after having a surgery to fix things. It has now been almost five months since the injury and I have no pain and no restriction of movement. I just need to continue to strengthen it. Everything Dr. Goedken (Getty) and Vincent discussed with me made perfect sense and I especially appreciated Getty’s candor by explaining to me what aspects of my specific injury he and Vincent simply would not be able to correct due to the severity of the injury. But they helped me regain ALL my range of motion. The bottom line? I am back in the air skydiving and feasting on the adrenaline! I ended up jumping again in late October exactly 12 weeks to the day after the injury and did so in front of 5000 people at an anti-bullying pep rally at a local high school in Virginia. Quite a way to get back into the air! The image I attached is me exiting the plane for that jump (Image by Kevin Reynolds). The shoulder was strong and solid and even withstood about 500 high fives from the 4900+ kids in attendance from all over the county! Thank you very much for everything, Getty, and Vincent of Charlottesville Airrosti!

by Sara Barnhill

I sought a consultation with Dr. Goedken (“Getty”) due to chronic TMJ which was causing headaches, difficulty with my ears equalizing pressure, and wear and tear on my teeth and gums. Prior to going to Airrosti, I had been sent to sports med, PT, ENT, and gotten a specialty dental appliance for my shoulder/Eustachian tube/TMJ issues. After working with Getty and Vincent for four sessions, I had learned SO much about fascia, the reasons for my TMJ issues (a shoulder injury and poor shoulder stability), and what I could do to prevent the issue from flaring up. Just before my first visit with Getty and Vincent I went to the dentist where they performed an assessment on my gums. A rating of four or above is indicative of significant inflamma+ show moretion. I had 12 fours throughout my gums and the location of inflammation was attributed to my TMJ and jaw clinching. They also told me that this could be an indication of bone recession which was also attributed to the clenching and TMJ. After my four visits at Airrosti my headaches, jaw tension, and ear issues had nearly resolved. A few months later I went back to the same dentist for the same gum test and had only two fours! The dentist was super impressed at how great everything looked and are no longer concerned about the possible bone recession. Not only did Getty eliminate my pain and help resolve my middle ear issues, he and Vincent provided extensive education and a program to empower me to prevent the injury from recurring. I’m so grateful to both of them and was very happy to break-up with my Excedrin Migraine and bite guard!