Seth Myers, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2017

Undergraduate School:Kansas Wesleyan University

Graduate School:University of Western States

Hometown:Salina, KS

Hobbies:I enjoy Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting in my free time. I like to get outdoors and I try and participate in as many recreational sports as I can.

Interesting Facts:I have 5 sisters and I am the only boy of all my siblings.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti is a company that takes pride in putting the patient first. We are mission-driven and our outcomes speak for themselves. Airrosti is a place where people are happy and proud to go to work each day to positively impact the lives of our patients.

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by Nick Edwards

I work at a nearby gym as the fitness manager, and I met Dr. Myers at an event. I have been struggling with lower leg pain for over 5 years, mainly from shin splints. The pain even became so severe that I was unable to join the Marine Corps because I was physically unable to walk, much less run with a time limit. I was convinced that this pain would plague me for the rest of my life. When I met Dr. Myers, he helped me with a pinched Sciatic nerve, and it gave me hope. I mentioned the shin splints to him, and we immediately went to work on them. After 5 visits, I was able to run 2 miles without any pain. This is the first time in 5 years I can recall running without pain during or after running. I truly lived my life believing that fixing th...+ show moreis pain was impossible, but Dr. Myers and Katie helped me, and did it faster than I could have ever imagined. I truly cannot thank them enough for what they have done. They are some of the most patient-focused, caring, and intelligent people I have had the fortune to work with in the health and fitness industry. I now recommend them to anybody that is suffering from pain and I can do it knowing without a doubt that they will be helped to the best of Katie and Dr. Myers abilities.

by Stephanie Pettis

Dr. Myers and Katie are fantastic people and truly care about their patients. They are focused on getting their patients back to their new selves with out any pain. You not only get manually therapy they also provide you with exercises to do with Katie and the instructions on how to do them at home. This keeps you on track during treatment and after. I was severe pain daily for months and after five visits with them I'm feeling 100% better. If any pain trys to come back I do some of the exercises I learned and then I'm all better.

by Jeanette Fiveash

I have been dealing with hip and back pain for a year off and on. I would get better and would have a set back. Even horseback riding for 30 minutes could set me back to square one. Walking for more than a few minutes was excruciating and I used a cane. I was 90% better after my second visit and was able to walk without limit without my cane. Dr. Meyers and Katie gave me a plan to build my activity and I'm happy to say I rode 3 hours straight yesterday with no pain today. So glad I found them! Life is great again!!

by Janis Thompson

I work at Grayson College as the grant-writer. So my face is glued to a computer all day, usually with bad posture as I try to read the small print on the screen. I went to Seth with constant neck pain. Within three visits the pain was gone. The exercises he provided helps to maintain that relief. And best of all, our insurance covers most of the cost. Thanks Seth.

by James Endsley

I went to Dr Myers for a foot issue. I got great results in two visits. Thank you Dr. Myers for getting me back quickly!!!

by C. McAdoo

I had pulled my calf and could not put all my weight on that side. After one visit to Dr. Myers, I was able to walk relatively normally. Probably 30% better after one visit. After 2 visits with the rehab exercises and treatments, I was 85%. It's the fastest I've ever had a pulled muscle heal.

by Sherryl Johnson

I came to Airrosti for therapy after I broke my arm. My first visit I was convinced this is the place for me to be. Dr. Myers is very efficient and professional I could hardly move my arm but after the 2nd visit I was able to move my arm and with each visit, I got better and better. Thank you, Dr. Seth Myers, you're AMAZING!

by Landon Salvani

Dr. Seth Meyers treated me for hip pain that I had been experiencing for a month or longer. I had four sessions with Dr. Myers and after each session, I had noticeable improvement in pain and ability to do today activities my job requires. If there for a visit to see if him I was completely pain-free and back to normal. Dr. Meyers is extremely professional and I highly recommend him to any friends or family.

by Danny Gonzales 

Being new to Houston right after the hurricane last year. I joined a CrossFit gym and being 49 and not worked out that hard in a long time had me and my body freaking out. Using muscles I hadn’t really used especially my lower back. The gym I attend told me about Airrosti how they could help me with my lower back pain and rehab. So with that I ran with it and made myself an appt with Dr Myers, Seth. Meeting him for the first time was awesome. His practice was close to where I live and it was easy and convenient for making the appt so quick and fast. After 2-3 appt for my lower back, not to include teaching me proper lifting technique rehab at his office and at home rehab on my own. I am very happy and satisfied with Dr Myers and Airrosti....+ show more I recommend anyone with issues with any muscles that U wake up from the dead. If I have any other future issues, I know who to call. Thx Airrosti

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