Adam Henby, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2018

Undergraduate School:SUNY Alfred

Graduate School:National College of Chiropractic

Hometown:Rochester, NY

Hobbies:Hiking, mountaineering, golfing, guitar, CrossFit.

Interesting Facts:I was the lead singer in a band.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti has given me the opportunity to reach more people in pain so that I can positively impact their lives. The great support I get from Airrosti allows me to focus on helping my patients without having to worry about running the business.

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by R. Cole

Six weeks ago I hurt my back (probably lifting something too heavy). Didn’t know it was too heavy until the following evening when I first experienced pain and could barely stand. After resting a few days I sought the help of an orthopedic, they sent me to get an MRI. The result showed a protrusion in my L5-S1 disk that was pressing on the sciatic nerve. From that point, I started researching what that meant and what to do about it. This step led me to Dr. Henby at Airrosti. I’ve never been to a Chiropractor, so I was unsure this would be the right direction to take. After reading the information on many of the Airrosti websites, I decided to take a chance. This action proved to be very helpful on several levels by: receiving the person...+ show moreal attention I wanted, receiving the right type of therapy needed for my injury, receiving the right information (education and PT program) I needed to set me on the correct path of continued healing and to help prevent future injury. Dr. Henby and Brooke are very knowledgeable, caring professionals. Their behaviors told me that they not only cared about me and wanted to help, but given my type of injury, that I would very likely heal and be able to get my life back. If you have taken the time to read through this review then my assumption is that you’re in a lot of pain and that you too are taking matters into your own hands by doing whatever it takes to solve your problem. My type of injury was listed on their website for the types of pain they treat. If you find your symptoms listed, I HIGHLY recommend you go in for an evaluation. My expectations were certainly exceeded, maybe yours will be too!

by Larry Brewster

Went to see Dr. Henby for lower back pain. After the first visit, I was able to get major comfort. He recommended some exercises that helped as well. Had 3 visits and was able to board a plane and fly across the country without much discomfort. I would highly recommend Dr. Henby for any muscle issues. Thanks again, Dr. Henby!

by John Daniel Payne

I had the fortune to see Dr. Henby for my lower back injury. I’ve had several of these injuries over the years...Dr. Henby was able to get me back in the gym doing what I love within days. In years past through traditional methods, it took me weeks. The acute treatment I received from Dr. Henby along with the detailed education of the why and how of my injury AND the what to do and what not to I can continue to maintain my level of fitness and body security was remarkable! I highly recommend the Airrosti method and Dr. Henby to all who want an efficient and most important EFFECTIVE recovery.

by Donna Burnley

I experienced a hamstring injury during one of my workouts. I took some time off from my workouts to let it heal but it continued to get worse. After some of my workout buddies spoke highly of their experiences with Airrosti I thought I've given it a try so I went to see Dr. Adam Henby. He was great! He was quick to diagnosis my problem and to treat the area with massage and exercises. He watched me run and offered some suggestions on changing my form to reduce stress on my hamstring. After 2 visits I was much improved and continued to do my exercises at home. I was able to return to my full workout schedule very quickly and am now at 100%!

by Travis Conder

I’ve had an ankle injury for 8 years and after my first visit, Dr. Henby has me feeling much better! I’ve been basically pain-free since our first session. I had come to just accept that my ankle would hurt the rest of my life but since meeting Dr. Henby that has changed!! I’m so thankful to have met Dr. Henby! He is very patient, friendly and knowledgeable!!

by Alison Leach

I am a personal trainer for American Family Fitness in Mechanicsville Virginia for over 7 years. I made an appointment to see Dr. Henby due to pain in the left of my neck. I had a back fusion to S1 L5 in December of 2017. My neck has been in deep pain. Through the treatment and an action plan, Dr. Henby gave me going forward I am so blessed to say my pain has decreased and I am continuing to do my rehab exercises because they really work. It has become part of my daily habit now. It was a pleasure working with Dr. Adam Henby. He was very professional and worked to not just fix the problem but also teaching me how to keep it from coming back.

by Gary Boyd

Dr. Henby gave some good advice and exercises for my lower back pain. He knows what he's doing. Thanks so much. 5 stars!!!!

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