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Became an Airrosti Provider:2017

Undergraduate School:Texas A&M University

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Houston, Texas

Hobbies:I have always been active - lacrosse, scuba diving, swimming, tennis, volleyball, horseback riding, skydiving, and exercising. I also enjoy coaching my high school women's lacrosse team at Lamar High School, and when I can, I love to jump on a plane to visit different countries around the world!

Interesting Facts:I am half Turkish and half Danish, so my family is spread around the planet. This contributes to my love and appreciation for different ideas, opinions, foods, languages, and cultures.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Understanding how the body works and its own mechanisms to self heal is a real inspiration. Airrosti opens a whole new dimension for me to use the skills I have learned to help people find their life balance and get back to living the life they love!

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by Paul Salinas

Went in with an injury that I had for almost a year, it progressively just got worse to the point where I really couldn’t even point to something with my arm. Treatment was painful, but it hurt so good. After the initial visit, my range of motion was better. The staff was incredible and everyone was focused on healing patients instead of just temporarily “slapping a band-aid” on. I would recommend Airrosti to anyone.

by Caroline Ramsay

Dr. Vick got me back to exercising and pain-free living, quickly. She is professional, knowledgeable, personable, and seems to love what she does. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with her.

by George Bustos

Airrosti got me back on the racquetball court without any pain. Dr. Vick was extremely informative and explained everything in detail She got me back on the court without any pain. Her follow-ups were precise and concerned. She was able to get me back with only 2 visits. Remarkable!! Dr. Vick Rocks! I will certainly tell my racquetball colleagues about Dr. Vick and Airrosti.

by Janice Wen

To say that I am more than satisfied with the services from Dr. Vick is an understatement. I came in with issues I had been dealing with for quite some time. Especially my shoulder pain, which I had already visited other physical therapy elsewhere, but the pain continued. Dr. Vick was able to get me back to yoga and my normal day-to-day activities. She’s very knowledgeable and takes the time to listen to your concerns. There is no doubt that I will be using Airrosti in the future.

by Joy Cornthwaite

After a month (or two) of living with pain that limited my daily activities, I made the call to schedule an appointment. My shoulder was in pain constantly, with sharp pain whenever I moved it. This was limiting my exercise, altering my sleep positioning, slowing my wardrobe changes, and softening the bear hugs I shared with my kids. From the first moments I met Dr. Vick, she demonstrated professionalism and expertise that immediately put me at ease. I quickly realized that she was both genuinely compassionate and very knowledgeable. She invited me to explain my pain and REALLY listened and processed my report. Throughout the first and during each subsequent treatment, she conveyed in detail AND in lay terms my personalized plan of care + show moreand treatment rationale. She earned and accepted my trust in her as a caring clinician, and delivered on it. I felt markedly better after our first visit and was probably functioning 80-90% better after the second visit. I saw continuous and substantial improvement with every visit. I am getting back to my usual routines; with minimal discomfort. My only wish is that I had not put it off – am regaining my strength from 1+ months of deconditioning. In addition to physical improvements and care, Dr. Vick taught me about improving my work environment (work from home; work station ergonomics), gave me access to home exercises via the Airrosti patient portal, and recommended an ongoing care routine to avoid further injury. I am so grateful to her for her patient-centered care. I can tell it is just her process, but it should be noted that Dr. Vick is the type of clinician we should all aspire to BE and to have. After all, wellness and health are priceless. Dr. Vick gave some of that back to me and more. My heartfelt thanks, Joy Cornthwaite

by Carolina Hernandez

I’d been having upper and mid back pain that was spreading up my neck and keeping me up at night. Dr. Vick worked with me over a few visits to find the exercises that worked best for me and addressed my particular situation. My pain is gone now, and I’ve definitely been sleeping better!

by Roksan OkanVick

I saw Dr. Vick for a fairly persistent knee pain that had developed in the last few years. She quickly diagnosed the problem, taped my knee and showed me some very useful exercises with a foam roller. She also followed up with an email on additional exercises and information. I can already feel a difference after 2 days of the exercises and determined to continue. Thank you Dr. Vick!

by Hal Means

I have been suffering from massive lower back spasms off and on for years, and they came back in full force in early 2020. They were so bad over the course of five months that I had to resort to a lot of medication and long recovery times (weeks of being able to barely walk or stand). Going to work some days ways a major struggle and I could barely walk around the house, being in fear of a sudden wave of debilitating spasms. Long story short, I saw a back surgeon who decided that I was not a candidate for surgery and he referred me to Dr. Vick at Airrosti in Houston, TX. She took a lot of time to listen and understand what was going on with my back and I saw her for several treatments, which produced absolutely amazing results. I have be+ show moreen living pain free for about a month now and I don’t take any medication. As a bonus, she was able to help me learn how to stretch and move properly so I can avoid a spasm situation. I am so glad that I found Dr. Vick and I would recommend her to anyone suffering from spasms or a weak lower back. She knows what she is doing. This is game-changing treatment.

by Barry D.

I have been suffering from extreme knee pain for over the past 6 years. Just doing simple daily routine activities had become very difficult. I needed to do something before going straight into surgery. I started seeing Dr. Vick for the knee pain and thru her treatments, exercise and icing tips, my daily activities have become much more manageable. Dr. Vick is very through, listen and discusses how you feel since you last appointment and has a genuine interest in relieving any aches and pains you might have. Dr. Vick not only is concerned about treating her patients but is there to also share advice on health and general wellness. I would highly recommend visiting Airrosti to help with any injuries one would have and especially see Dr. V+ show moreick.

by Charles Broskoski

I’m so thrilled with the results I’ve gotten with Dr. Vick and Cera Southerland in just four visits. My wife (also a patient with great success) recommended I go to AIRROSTI to see if they could fix a shoulder problem that had been plaguing me for over a year (left shoulder/rotator). When I went there for my first visit, I mentioned to Dr. Vick that I had issues that really hampered my daily workouts, and I also had a ton of trouble sleeping at night as the shoulder pain seemed to get worse in the evenings. She had me go through several movements and asked me if I had any pain in my bicep (which I hadn’t mentioned…); that part blew me away because I HAD bicep pain but was more concerned about the shoulder issue. After the first visit, + show moreI was already noticing improvement, AND I was sleeping much better. After the third visit I was able to re-start my strength training. Between Dr. Vick’s work on my shoulder/bicep/left pectoral and Cera’s educating me on stretching and how to position myself when performing the many therapy exercises, I’m totally on the mend. Frankly, I’m blown away that after dealing with a shoulder problem for over a year, I now feel like I’ll be able to up my strength training, which previous to the treatment, was just going through the motions because of the shoulder pain. At 62, I’ve got a whole new attitude on working out thanks to Dr. Vick and Cera Southerland. Thanks so much!

by Travis Purcell

I rolled my ankle pretty badly on a mountain hike. Didn’t get treatment for it for about a month when I realized it was taking a long time to heal on its own and was interfering with my CrossFit training activities. I was admittedly a bit skeptical of Airrosti at first, but I could feel a difference after the first treatment, nothing major but something (when I got to them enough time had past that tension had moved to my Achilles and was only hurting a bit under stress). I went a total of 3 times and I can attest they are good. I was able to do jump rope after the 2nd session and not feel like my Achilles was under any pressure, I felt pretty good about that. I am definitely going to recommend Airrosti to people when I see people with s+ show moreimilar issues. I just need to learn how to spell and say the name better…

by Margaret Dunseith

I had sciatic issues off and on for years, then developed constant pain near my tailbone related to sitting at a computer all day. I tried MANY cushions with no improvement. When I went to Airrosti and Dr. Vick said she could probably have me close to pain-free in 4-5 weeks, I was excited but a little skeptical. She did myofascial release and Cera taught me stretches and exercises. After seeing them once a week for 5 weeks I was completely pain-free! It’s now been several weeks and I am still pain-free. The best part is that I have exercises I can do to keep the pain from coming back. I would tell anyone to forget the cushions and fix the pain for good!

by Chris Venice

For years I had issues with my shoulder and elbow. I could never get to the bottom of what the issues were until I decided to come to Airrosti and see Dr. Vick and her CRS, Cera. After several appointments and by following the rehab, I saw immediate improvement and then now I do not have any of the pain I used to feel on a daily basis. Dr. Vick and Cera are both an absolute pleasure to visit and are always helpful whenever I have questions. 

by Graham Gilman

Dr. Vick and her CRS Cera were extremely helpful and always enjoyable to visit. I came in with a soon to be diagnosed herniated disc and a quite substantial one at that. Unfortunately, this is not the type of injury that can be resolved in a few quick visits, and instead requires many months of vigilant posture correction and self-care. However, when I first began visiting Airrosti, I was in near constant pain with sciatica in my left leg. I could barely extend my leg at the time and the drive to my work would put me out of commission before I even got there. It didn’t take long for the pain in my leg to be significantly reduced and for its full range of motion to return. I have since stopped going to Airrosti, yet Dr. Vick and Cera rema+ show morein very helpful and are always ready to answer any questions that I may have.

by Charlene Anthony

When I stumbled upon Airrosti I was certain I was destined to live with chronic lower back pain and sciatica. Dr. Anatolia Vick was amazing and the Airrostic model of care works. Dr. Vick is a great communicator, and she and Cera Southerland are a great team when coordinating your care and follow up. The Airrosti model works only if you are willing to commit to the prescribed program. The program is hard work, but it yields results. I would recommend Airrosti to anyone that might need a non-invasive, drug free approach to pain relief. I would also recommend Dr. Vick; she’s a consummate professional.

by JC Wright

I was four weeks away from my World Championship powerlifting meet when I began to have pain in my bicep and my left peck which created issues for me bench pressing. I was referred to Dr. Vick who took the time to really work with me and was extremely thorough and knowledgeable on how to get me ready. After 3 weeks of consistently visiting with Dr. Vick, I was able to compete in my world meet and placed 1st first place. Thank you, Dr. Vick, for helping me be successful in my meet, I could not have done it without you!

by Annie Pagnoni

Thanks to Dr. Vick and her team at Airrosti, they fixed my lumbar and hip pain fast — just like they advertise. And because my insurance covered the treatments, I got pain relief in four visits for $200 in lieu of regular PT which would have been 12 visits for $600. I have been recommending Airrosti to everyone I know with back pain!

by Samantha Burton

I arrived in Houston for the summer and was in a car accident, t-boned and completely blindsided in an intersection with my two small children in the car. The kids were fine, my car was totaled, but I was dealing with significant neck and upper back pain. As an athletic trainer, I am acutely aware of my options for treating non-surgical neck pain and none of them (family Med, ortho, PMR, PT, traditional chiropractic) felt like the right choice. A fellow AT, Kenneth, had introduced me to Airrosti and I decided to give it a shot. As it turns out, this was the perfect choice for my pain. Dr. Vick and Cera listened intently, formulated a plan, and were able to return me to pain-free movement in 3 visits. Dr. Vick is exceptionally talented in+ show more manual therapy and movement, helping to release the muscles that were tight and painful. Cera provides an exercise prescription that was the perfect complement and allowed to maintain the progress I had made from treatment. Thank you, Dr. Vick and Cera, for all of your work and help!

by Mike R.

My low back pain was restricting my everyday life, and after 3 visits with Dr. Vick and Cera, the pain was gone. And everyday life is back to normal.

by Janelle Hedges

My knee was hurting during and after my runs. I’m no stranger to knee pain, but this was differently located and very specific. Dr. Vick diagnosed me with IT band issues. Several sessions later, when my knee pain was feeling much better, I talked to her about my shoulder pain. Later, I returned for a new pain in my foot. With each new pain, Dr. Vick spent a lot of time listening to me and applying pressure where it hurt. Cera trained me on strength exercises and foam rolling. Following their instructions and treatment plan, I quickly saw improvement as my pains subsided. They are very knowledgeable and helpful, and I would definitely recommend them for anyone’s sports-related injuries and pains!

by Brenda Ocampo

I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis since 2012, I would run 3-4 miles 4 days a week, stopped running in 2014….when I stopped running is when I noticed the plantar fasciitis pain…and it progressively got worst! I had other friends with the same issue and they kept pushing me to go to a podiatrist for an Injection, but the thought of a needle going into my foot did not sit very well! I was tagged on an ad for Airrosti from a friend, and read the testimonials, and thought…let me try it! Why I didn’t call sooner, I don’t know! Dr. Vick and Cera are amazing! Dr. Vick listened to my concerns, talked to me about the anatomy of where the source of my pain was coming from once I pointed it out! She had me walk and noticed how I+ show more shift my foot one direction when I walked and told me not to become OCD of my walking (which I kind of did) 🙂 but to pay attention and focus on lifting off on my big toes vs the little toes! Her massages hit the spot EVERYTIME!!! Cera’s 30-minute rehabs we’re on point! They make a great team and I am forever grateful to both of them because today, after 5 sessions I was discharged with no more plantar fasciitis pain!!!!!! Thank you, Dr. Vick and Cera!! I also do not want to leave out the check-in process, they greet you by name, and treat you like a friend/ person….you are just not a patient to them! 🙂

by Angela Gonzalez

I came to Airrosti with pain on my right side; neck, shoulder, back of my skull and back. I had been suffering for months with pain on the right side to the point that even my ears hurt from it. I went from seeing an ENT for ear issues and nothing to a Neurologist for the headaches and nothing; all tests normal. Started getting massages on a regular basis and chiropractic adjustments and those helped but in a couple of days, the pain came back. I had 2 treatments with Airrosti and finally pain free! I so thankful for Cera and Dr. Vick for taking care of me and being so knowledgeable and caring with what they do.

by Kevin Caballaro

Came in due to a strained right hip flexor (soccer injury). Dr.Vick and Cera are the dynamic duo that were tasked with getting me back on the field as quickly as possible. I am a very happy and satisfied patient. Went from trying to do stretching and foam roller and hoping I would heal to a process. That process is a great combo of soft tissue work (Dr.Vick) and mobilization, exercises, and focused movements supervised and tasked by Cera. Highly recommend Airrosti and specifically Dr.Vick at the West University location.

by Jason Page

My story starts with me believing that I could still throw a fastball at 35 years of age, like I used to at 16…with no warmup…having not thrown SINCE I was 16! One impingement in my right shoulder later, and I found myself at Airrosti under the wonderful care of Dr. Vick and Recovery Specialist Southerland. In 4 visits (with CONSISTENT home PT between) I went from having pain while holding a full mug of coffee, to full mobility with no pain and gaining strength back enough to lift a 20lb weight. I will always recommend both of these professional ladies, as well Airrosti in general. Thank you both for your knowledge and help!! Thank you Airrosti for getting me back to normal!

by Corazon Casuga

I called for a follow up rehab for my frozen shoulder, and I had Dr. Vick this time. It’s been two years from my initial diagnosis and after having done all the necessary tests and cortisone shots as well as home exercises, I decided to try rehab again. Dr. Vick helped a lot in improving my mobility and pain. Our conversation during rehab reduced the pain from the treatment. I would recommend her to anybody I know. Thank you, Dr. Vick.

by Sudheer Indala

I visited Dr. Vick from Airrosti with two separate issues. First one is upper back pain where I could feel the pain but was not able to pinpoint the exact location of pain. Dr. Vick diagnosed the injury and quickly identified the root cause. She was very friendly, attentive to the patient, and is really an expert in her field. She was able to completely cure the pain in 2 visits. She followed up with me after each visit to make sure I am progressing well with my recovery. The stretches I learned are very useful to target the muscle group and relieve pain. The second issue is cubital tunnel syndrome where my hand goes numb frequently. Dr. Vick diagnosed and confirmed it’s the Ulnar nerve compression that’s causing the numbness. She was ve+ show morery clear with what to expect from the treatment. She clearly told me that she can most likely solve the issue but in case there’s no improvement after the first two days of treatment, she will refer to a neurophysician for further treatment. But she was able to pinpoint the exact location where the nerve was trapped and treated the pain area. The numbness is 90% gone after 3 visits. I am more than thrilled to see the progress in such a short time, especially for something that has been bothering me for a long time. Not only treating the pain, I feel that Dr. Vick gave me the education and tools to take care of these issues if they come back again in future. And all this was achieved with no medicines whatsoever. Dr. Vick is really the best, and I am very thankful to her!! Regards, Sudheer Indala

by Paula Baulch

When I first visited Dr. Vick, I was hesitant to try Airrosti, but I was on FMLA and had exhausted all options for recuperating my back. In total, I was off of work for 4.5 months with back pain. During the first visit, Dr. Vick released muscles in my hips around my SI joints. Though my SI nerves were ablated, the pain did not reflect any procedure had taken place until Dr. Vick loosened the area. It took 7-8 visits for Dr. Vick to perform treatments on my entire body. She brought me tremendous relief and restored my quality of life! I’m back at work finally, and my back is doing well. I’m extremely grateful for Dr. Vick’s insightful and compassionate care.

by Daniel Saenz

As a recreational triathlete and father of 7 kids, I’m constantly in motion. In early September I felt a pain on the inside of my right elbow and decided to “wait and see” if it would heal on its own, which it didn’t. I’ve had such a great experience with Airrosti previously that I went back but this time to a location near my work. That is when I met Dr. Vick. She was able to quickly identify the root cause and over several treatments, I was able to regain full range of motion. However, the difference for me was her follow up to make sure I was doing the right things to take care of my recovery and most importantly she gave me all the knowledge I need to continually strengthen my arm on a go forward basis.

by Valerie Lerma

I’d been dealing with TMJ pain for a little over 10 years, sometimes it was worse than others but I figured there wasn’t much that could be done besides surgery which was not an option. I started seeing Dr. Vick for this problem and after the first visit, I could see the difference. She was able to get my pain from a regular 2-3 on most days to 0-1. She showed me how to keep my muscles relaxed and get me back to belting songs out without having to worry about my jaw locking, popping or hurting. I am officially able to go back to singing without worrying about that and she has shown me so many ways to treat those specific muscles if the problem were to return. Thank you so much, Dr. Vick!!!

by Dawn Ramos

I had some pain and discomfort in my right elbow and tricep. In three one hour visits, Dr. Vick worked on my issue with therapy and rehab. I also received rehab I could do at home which helped speed up my recovery. I’m happy to say I’m pain free and back at the gym.

by Angelica Lodge

Dr. Vick is so passionate and caring about her patients and she helped me so much as I had been having problems with my hip. I had gone to many doctors and they never found a solution. So I’m happy I found her because things have changed for the better!

by Allon Melawer

Dr. Vick has helped me greatly with treatments for a variety of physical problems, such as my neck which has been a problem for years and an ankle injury I sustained recently teaching a self-defense class. The treatments have also relieved much of the stiffness, soreness, and discomfort of my daily active life. As a life-long martial artist, military veteran and the owner of a fitness business, my body has taken its fair share of abuse and injuries. The deep tissue treatment is unlike anything I have experienced before and the results have been life changing. I highly recommend Dr. Vick to anyone looking for a solution to their long term pain as well as anyone looking to relieve general soreness or rehabilitate from an injury.

by Elizabeth Shafer

Dr. Vick was warm and welcoming. Being that this was my first ever chiropractic visit, she immediately put me at ease. Her professional demeanor calmed my nerves. She answered all of my questions and made sure I felt comfortable throughout the visit.

by Lasy Wehmeyer

I was suffering from chronic wrist pain in my right arm from a previous injury and numbness and pain in my left wrist and thumb. By the end of the day for several months straight, my wrists and forearms would be in so much pain that I would lose feeling, grip strength and even have difficulty picking up my kids. My daily quality of life was slipping away from me and enough was enough! Within 3 visits of being treated by Dr. Vick I haven’t complained about daily wrist pain, I haven’t lost grip strength in picking up the barbell and I’ve had no trouble picking up my kids, carseats or strollers. I’m so grateful to have my quality of daily physical activity back! Thank you Dr. Vick!!! I highly recommend Airrosti for anyone suffering from mus+ show moreculoskeletal pain and injury!

by Barbara McLaughlin

“AIRROSTI has been a game changer in our household, vastly improving quality of life for both my husband and me. As a result, when my 8 year old daughter was recently having severe, chronic headaches, I thought of AIRROSTI for her as a possible treatment option. My daughter had experienced 4 week-long headaches within a three month period, and we desperately wanted to find her relief. The headaches had been affecting every aspect of her life, including causing many missed days of school and an inability to consistently participate in extracurricular activities.  Within 24 hours of the first AIRROSTI treatment, my daughter had her first pain free day in 11 days and she was able to stop taking pain reliever daily. She could definitely fee+ show morel the difference in the reduced tension in her neck, shoulders, and upper back. – Dr. Vick was great about customizing the treatment to her age and tolerance level. My daughter was enthusiastic about her second and third treatments because she could appreciate the difference in how she felt. It has also been very helpful that my daughter has been given the tools to help manage her own health through the stretching exercises she has been taught. Our family continues to be thankful we found AIRROSTI. We are delighted to have access to such an amazing resource. Barbara McLaughlin “