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Became an Airrosti Provider:2014

Undergraduate School:University of Cincinnati

Graduate School:University of Cincinnati


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by Creig Huffman

Anyone who has any fears or hesitation about this therapy please hear me when I say Brittani Young has saved the quality of my life completely. I was barely able to walk upon being injured, and her knowledge and methods reduced my pain and improved the alignment of my back significantly and visibly each visit. Brittani explains her methods to you, but most of all she listens to you and adapts her treatment based on what you’re going through. Chiropractors in the past have set me down, cracked my back, sent me to therapy, and collected their check telling me I needed to be back two to three times a week for the foreseeable future… I was put through the machine and rarely informed of what they were actually doing to me. Brittani made m+ show moree feel like I was a part of my own rehabilitation and educated me each step of the way, making sure I was comfortable with the treatment and gave me physical therapy exercises that were innovative and effective through open lines of conversation. Not to mention her personality is professional, welcoming, and overall just awesome. Erica, who guides my physical therapy sessions, is equally fantastic, she made me feel comfortable through every step of the process and, during the one-on-one sessions, gave me her undivided attention. Their office is absolutely stunning and in a fantastic location. I felt welcomed and comfortable each session from start to finish. Throughout the process, I could tell their goal was to reduce my pain as quickly as possible and get my life back to normal. I am truly taking the time to write all this as I believe in this therapy 100%. Brittani and Erica are outstanding at what they do and I tell everyone and anyone who will listen how much they have helped me. If you have any reservations hear me when I say, this therapy works, it works fast, and Erica and Brittani will do anything they can to help you. At least that’s the way I felt through the process. All for the same price on my insurance as a chiropractor visit… Don’t wait! If you are in pain, schedule ASAP and get your life back. 5/5 stars

by Harrison Warren

After years of improper posture and working at a computer I had developed an injury in my rotator cuff that was causing a lot of discomfort using my upper body. I waited almost a year hoping it would get better to no avail. I then decided to make an Airrosti appointment in hopes to finally recover, and I am so happy that I did. Dr. Young and Erica are phenomenal. After only two visits I feel that I am finally on the road to recovery. My range of motion has improved greatly, and I can finally feel the muscles in my back engaging as they should! Not only were both of them great as medical providers, they also excelled in making me feel comfortable during my appointments. Each visit left me happier than when I walked in, and Dr. Young’s com+ show moreprehensive explanations left me with a greater understanding of what my injury was. I can’t express enough how thankful I am to both of them and how much I would recommend this for anyone feeling muscular discomfort or dysfunction.

by Lisa McCarthy

I fought tennis elbow in both arms for 6 months before trying Airrosti. I saw improvements after 2 sessions with Dr. Brittani and Erica, and was soon pain-free! So, when I reinjured a shoulder tear, I trusted the team to help me avoid potential surgery! I was amazed at the progress and after 6 visits, I am ready for golf!! Treatment hurts so good! (no pain, no gain!) and Dr. B works her magic!! Thank you, ladies!

by Emily Lasko

Before seeing Brittani, I had a world of issues with my hips, hamstrings, and lower back. I never got to the root cause of it until seeing her, and in a matter of days, my body was feeling 10x better. She has not only helped alleviate any pain and muscle weakness but made me faster and stronger in everything I do. Hands down the best at what she does and I would not be where I am without the work she has done.

by Shannon McNew

I had been struggling with a rotator cuff injury for almost a year. I had been to numerous massage therapists and a chiropractor and nothing seemed to get to the root of the problem. Within 4 sessions with Dr. Young and Erica, my range of motion significantly improved and my pain substantially lessened. They are the one stop shop for targeted therapy and PT! I also loved that I was provided with treatment to take home to continue getting better on my own. They are not interested in trying to keep you coming back- they truly want you to get better. Thank you, ladies!