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Became an Airrosti Provider:2014

Undergraduate School:University of Cincinnati

Graduate School:University of Cincinnati


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by Michelle B

I was still on crutches recovering from surgery on one foot when I met Dr. Arnold of Airrosti on my flight back to school. We started talking about my current injury and his profession which soon led to discussion about plantar fasciitis in my other foot. He gave me Dr. Young’s contact information and I was able to meet with her not even a week later. My experience with Airrosti was very positive–Dr. Young is very knowledgeable, and I could tell that she truly cared about my health and my recovery. I am so thankful for Airrosti. Not only was able to be pain-free in just a few short visits, but I was also able to just learn about my specific injury through my discussion with Dr. Young.

by Nathan Lieberman

I had ACL reconstruction surgery 5 years ago in high school, and my physical therapist at the time completely neglected the soft tissue part of by rehab. So my knee was pretty messed up. I was missing around 20 to 25 degrees of extension. I was pretty skeptical at first with the low amount of therapy needed, but once Dr. Young started working on my knee it changed everything. I felt my leg almost unlock after every visit and after only six visits my leg is now straight and I can work to full extension with the exercises they provided. Pretty amazing. This would have taken months and months in therapy to accomplish these results. Thanks Brittani!