Brooke Green, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2017

Undergraduate School:University of North Texas

Graduate School:Parker University

Hometown:Keller, TX

Hobbies:I am newly married and a mom to two sweet fur babies. My husband and I will drop everything for some good chips and queso. I also enjoy old fashioned puzzles and staying up to date with current research on nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle.

Interesting Facts:I am passionate about the prenatal, postpartum and pediatric community. I spend my free time researching the best and most effective methods at helping our pregnant mommas. I work alongside some of the best OBGYN’s in the San Antonio area and feel truly blessed to be able to help with these individuals. I enjoy staying active and focusing on mind-body balance. I truly believe that the mind is a powerful tool in healing the body along with self-reflection, getting enough rest, exercise and a balanced diet. I also won a hula hoop contest when I was 10 and welcome eager competitors to a challenge.

Awards and Recognitions:2017 DFW Child Magazine MOM Approved, Parker University Legacy Award, Parker University Leadership Award

Professional Affiliations:Texas Chiropractic Association

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti to me symbolizes hope. Hope that every household will know the Airrosti name when it comes to premier healthcare. Airrosti is a group of specialized providers that have advanced training in myofascial release that restores function and eliminates symptoms in an expedited fashion. Every Airrosti provider has extensive knowledge in musculoskeletal conditions and take additional training in order to take YOU and your family from point A to point B the fastest.

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by A.V.

My recent Airrosti care was a life-changing experience for me. I had a very fast labor with my second baby that ended up spraining my SI joint and my pelvis. I couldn’t walk for about six weeks, and I used a wheelchair and walker for most of that time. The pain was so severe that I couldn’t even lay down in bed because it hurt too badly to be on my back. When I found Dr. Brooke Halboth, who is experienced in prenatal and postpartum work, I was hopeful. After just the first session, I managed to sleep in my bed again for the first time in almost two months. After a few sessions, I could get on the floor to play with my baby without being afraid of how painful it would be to get up. After my fifth and final session, I had no more pain. It...+ show more not only helped me feel more confident in getting my life back to normal, but also allowed me to enjoy my time with my new baby - with no more pain. I’m forever grateful to Dr. Brooke and her team!

by Debbie Quintero

Just wanted to thank Airrosti, Dr Halboth & Miguel for all the help to get me back to ME. This was the first time & worst experience of pain that I have experienced. As we get older, there is the normal aches & pain but this was something different. I know that some people have this type of pain consistently and my heart goes out to them. Dr. Halboth was great! Very knowledgeable and knew exactly what to do to get me better. Miguel was also fantastic. His guidance on how to do the exercises/stretches helped a lot. I went for treatment for about a week and was feeling so much better. Thanks again for all y’all did to get me back to ME!

by Heather Oliva

Before I met Dr. Halboth I was trying to run through hamstring pain. My goal is to qualify for the Olympic Trials in the marathon. I was devastated to have dropped out of 2 marathons a month apart from each other before being diagnosed with a hamstring tear, tendonitis, and bone bruising. I started seeing Dr. Halboth on a weekly basis and after 5 weeks of running, I ran a marathon completely pain-free. I’ll continue seeing Dr. Halboth keep me pain-free as I attempt to run the qualifying time in a few short months. Thank you for rehabbing me and the continued care!!!!

by Patrick Abbas

Dr. Brooke Halboth and her team are outstanding. They took time to listen and understand; and came up with a very effective treatment plan for my “tennis elbow” situation. I had seen another Chiropractor and Physical Therapist earlier this year for the same issue, and although they did manage to reduce the pain, it never quite left me. I decided to give Airrosti a try after things started getting bad again, and I am so glad I did. What they were able to do in 3 visits is amazing! If you need help getting rid of pain fast then look no further. This people know what they are doing. They will take great care of you and they will teach you easy ways stay in good shape too.

by Chris Talamantez

Before Airrosti I had seen multiple doctors, a spine specialist, orthopedic surgeons, and chiropractors etc. everyone one of them told me they would recommend surgery. They basically said to live with the pain or get surgery. So I ended up scheduling surgery at the laser spine institute. I backed out last minute due to some bad reviews I read the day before surgery...Thankfully! So I just decided to live with it. So here I am about 8-10 years later and just frustrated with my back pain because I can not sleep well or walk for a long period of time without significant pain I decided to try something different. After a lot of research on the Internet, I decided to try Airrosti because they had some really good reviews. When I walked in I met ...+ show moreDr.Halboth, and I can’t explain how great it felt but it was so amazing to see a doctor greet you with so much enthusiasm and optimism like she has. She stressed how she was going to get me feeling better in 3-4 visits. I was happy to hear some positive information but to say I believed that right after all the years of pain and doctors I would be lying. I was hopeful for sure but still unsure. I quickly learned that Dr.Halboth is a mad scientist when it comes to the human body. She educated me so much on why I was having the pain I was having and how she was going to fix it. She was able to tell me things about my body that no one else has. She was confident in her skills and she had every right to be because she is that good! I don’t even believe it happened but after 3 sessions with her, my pain has gone down tremendously to basically no discomfort. I have been doing all my physical activities with no issues. I play golf and I don’t have the pain as I used to have after 18 holes. Dr.Halboth is simply amazing! She is great at what she does. I don’t think she was meant to do anything else in life. She will even text you on the weekend to see how you are feeling. What other doctor takes time out of their personal day to do that?! She’s amazing. I love her for all she has done for me. I will forever be grateful for her. This is hands down the best place to go if you have any pain or discomfort in your body. Trust these people because they really care about their patients and I recommend you ask for Dr. Halboth because the “mad scientist of the body” is amazing!

by Jerry Berlanga

I’ve had hip bursitis on my right side intermittently for several years after a knee injury. Dr. Brooke helped me open up my right hip for greater mobility and strengthen those supporting muscles and I am now bursitis free in just three visits. She quickly discovered the underlying muscle weakness and with a caring compassionate touch coached me to success. I highly recommend Airrosti and Dr. Brooke and am grateful to call her a friend.

by David Sanchez

Back pain, ughh, never thought it would be so bad. I literally fell down in the bathroom one night last week and struggled for an hour to get back to bed. Mind you, I didn't want to wake up the wife and kids so literally crawled into bed for a grand total of 1 hour of sleep the first night. Previously, I had great luck with an Airrosti provider several months ago so I told myself why not give them another shot. So I called them up and scheduled a visit with Dr. Brooke Halboth (#miracleworker). She saw I was walking around like the Hunchback of Notre Dame in extreme pain and quickly started working her magic the first session. Within a few painful BUT relieving movements I was able to walk partially straight again! My next appt was the follo...+ show morewing day, with more concentration on the acute hernaniated disc and surrounding muscles and joints. For this week, I have had 2 other appointments and I am close to 85% recovered! Within 1 weeks time, I am now able to walk straight and play with the kids. Folks, Dr. Brooke Halboth is a God send. This girl KNOWS what she is doing. I didnt have a doubt that my back pain would not go away and I would be able to be fully functional again. I hope the folks at Airrosti know the jewel they have on their staff. I am greatly pleased with the work she has done on my back and would highly recommend her to anyone. Words cannot describe the feeling of losing your ability with the simplest of things such as walking and regaining it back within 1 weeks time. Thank you Airrosti and most importantly, thank you Dr Brooke!

by Robert Garcia

I first went in after trying out a couple different chiropractors in the area. Let me tell you... talk about night and day. Other chiropractors I had visited were in and out, rush, rush, rush. Dr. Halboth explained in detail what was going on my lower back. She was patient and broke everything down for me. My previous X-rays had shown that my L4,L5, and S1 were bulging and pinching on my sciatic nerve (talk about painful). The movement was minimal when I walked in the door. Dr. Halboth was able to manipulate the back muscles into relieving the pressure and stress from the bulging discs. After numerous and different stretches and exercises, my normal movement started to come back. Twisting, bending, and sitting wasn’t as painful anymore. S...+ show morehe also showed me a number of different stretches and exercises so that I could do at home or while at work. After a couple of sessions, I was back to full mobility. One of the best parts about my experience was the availability of Dr. Halboth. In working 2 jobs, being able to get an appointment set up was very difficult at other locations. Dr. Halboth was the only one who was able to accommodate me at 6:30am. Which worked out perfectly for my schedule. In the end, Dr. Halboth got me back to 100% and gave me the tools I needed so that this injury would have less of a chance of coming back. And if it did, how to fix it.

by Carol Watson

Dr. Brooke is the BEST! Smart, personable, inspiring, skilled, and she got me results!!! At the age of almost 60 y/o, I suffered for months with pain in R hip, groin and hamstrings (traditional chiro didn't help)! She worked her magic with her skilled hands and brilliant A.I.R.R.O.S.T.I. technique and I am good to go! Back to great stamina and walking 3 miles/day and with UNinterrupted sleep at night! Thank you Dr. Brooke! With home exercises I expect 100% recovery. I highly recommend her to my friends suffering with chronic pain from injuries or otherwise!

by Marleni Garcia

I cannot thank Dr. Halboth enough for all she’s done for me. I was suffering from leg pain for about 9 months, just to come to find out I was suffering from hip problems. My legs just got so worked up that it felt like they were on fire while being stung with needles. The pain was so unbearable I’ve been running for 5 years and was reconsidering ending my running career. My coach forced the to go and see if y’all can help me out. I told myself if this does not help me I will stop running. I got the sweetest person I could ever ask for. She helped me so much with rubbing me out. She knew where to press harder.. even though I was hoping she didn’t find my sweet spots. But over time I started to love it because I knew she was doing her...+ show more best to get me back into running my very best. She showed me some stretches I never even knew about. I still do them every time my legs start to feel agitated. After my last appointment the next day I ran at a track meet the best time I have ever ran since summer 2017. But I think the best part of the appointments was having such a kind, funny, and overall amazing person to work with. Thank you Arrosti for this great opportunity I truly am thankful.

by Darrell Dillard

I developed a sharp pain under my right shoulder blade, much like a pinched nerve, and the pain would radiate into my right pectoral area (this pain was not in my spine). I dealt with it for about a month, hard to sit, hard to sleep. I was fine as long as I was up and moving. No pain lifting or moving. I attended a "get to know" event at work with ARROSTI which our Benefits Administrator scheduled. I discussed my pain with the AIRROSTI specialist, Brooke Halboth, Brooke assured me she could help. After our first session, the next morning the pain was gone. Incredible! Brooke was thorough with evaluating my movement and pain before starting the therapy. Brooke and her assistant Shelby worked flawless together. I would Highly recommend AIRROS...+ show moreTI as an alternate treatment. Thank you, Brooke 🙂