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Became an Airrosti Provider:2014

Undergraduate School:WTAMU, San Angelo State University

Graduate School:Parker University


Hobbies:Camping, spending time with family and friends, BBQing, outdoor activities, watching my kids play sports.

Interesting Facts:We have been named “Best of Chiropractic” two years running by “Living Magazine”.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti to me, means that I get to touch people’s lives, to help each person live life without pain and interference from injuries. It means teaching my patients about their body and healing their soft tissue injuries. Patients can then learn to depend on their own understanding to continue to heal their soft tissue injuries and chronic pain. Injuries are created due to poor movement patterns or poor function, working with Airrosti, we are able to fix these faulty movement patterns and restore natural biomechanics. Airrosti means “NO MORE PAIN”!

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by Joe Braley

Dr. Felton and her entire team are as good as it gets! I have utilized Airrosti since 2009 and worked specifically with this team since 2019, and I highly recommend them as your go-to resource for any and all musculoskeletal needs. They are thorough, deeply compassionate, and truly committed to their patient’s entire well-being. In my three decades as a healthcare executive, I have never worked with any care providers that deliver a better patient experience, from the front office interactions through the actual treatment and rehab. Congrats, and my sincere thanks, to the entire team!

by Dianna Kacvinsky

I went to get treatment from Dr. Felton on Fri. 4/9/21. She determined that I have “frozen shoulder “ and proceeded to treat it. The treatment was intensive, but, once she was done, the pain in my shoulder and arm had lessened and both felt better. The mobility increased with decreased pain. I then worked with CRS, Ryan, with rehabilitation exercises that I have been doing on my own. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Felton and her staff to anyone in need of pain treatment. They were very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly during this treatment.

by Shelly Joyner

Sore foot for 2 years. Turned to agonizing and finally called Airrosti on a referral. Exercises and treatment plan (no drugs or surgery) and my foot was 75% better within a few weeks.

by Michael Youngkin

I sought help from Chelsea and her team for a hip labral tear and impingement. She was excellent. We worked for 2 weeks and she listened to my feedback and recommended an MRI. This was the best course of action to uncover the impingement due to a hip cam. She recommended an excellent Orthopedic surgeon. Due to their recommendations and treatment…I am sleeping pain-free and following their plans to avoid surgery.

by Lindsey Overby

I discovered sever pain in January of 2016. Visited an Orthopedic Surgeon who diagnosed me with one issue and sent me to physical therapy. I went for 3 months, once a week. Still had pain. Still had inflammation. Multiple friends suggested Airrosti. I visited Dr. Felton and within 3 visits, had my pain figured out. She also helped with hip tendonitis along the way, something I never knew I had. I am still healing, but have no pain and no inflammation. I miss working out! Now I know old/bad habits I was doing to hurt myself. The treatment and game plan I received from Airrosti has helped me feel one step closer back to my normal workout routine and to life! Thank you!! p.s. I am pretty sure the hip work has helped my golf game!