Chelsea Felton, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2014

Graduate School:Parker University


Hobbies:Camping, outdoor activities, playing all sports although softballs do not agree with me.rnI love Giant family and friend get togethers

Interesting Facts:College regional and national flag football champions.rnGraduated the same high school as Country music singer Aaron Watson.rnActor Ryan Reynolds introduced himself to me, although I don't remember our conversation because I was in shock.rnI got to swim with and feed a family of sting rays.

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by Michael Youngkin

I sought help from Chelsea and her team for a hip labral tear and impingement. She was excellent. We worked for 2 weeks and she listened to my feedback and recommended an MRI. This was the best course of action to uncover the impingement due to a hip cam. She recommended an excellent Orthopedic surgeon. Due to their recommendations and treatment...I am sleeping pain-free and following their plans to avoid surgery.

by Lindsey Overby

I discovered sever pain in January of 2016. Visited an Orthopedic Surgeon who diagnosed me with one issue and sent me to physical therapy. I went for 3 months, once a week. Still had pain. Still had inflammation. Multiple friends suggested Airrosti. I visited Dr. Felton and within 3 visits, had my pain figured out. She also helped with hip tendonitis along the way, something I never knew I had. I am still healing, but have no pain and no inflammation. I miss working out! Now I know old/bad habits I was doing to hurt myself. The treatment and game plan I received from Airrosti has helped me feel one step closer back to my normal workout routine and to life! Thank you!! p.s. I am pretty sure the hip work has helped my golf game!

by Thomas Telles

Thank you Dr. Felton and staff for getting me fully recovered from a calc. fracture. with the treatments and exercises prescribed i am glad to say "I feel great" and super excited to start playing golf again.

by Amy Anderson

I randomly started having back pain around 3 years ago. I was sitting at my computer at work and I could feel this dull, pins and needles feeling between by shoulders. As the day progressed, so did the pain. I was constantly massaging my neck, back, and shoulders and stretching and nothing helped. By the end of the day I made an appointment for a deep tissue massage. The therapist worked on me for an hour in that one spot and I still couldn't get relief. I was bruised by the time we were done! The next day, the pain was so bad that it radiated throughout my neck, upper back, and shoulder and I couldn't turn my head. I had to move like a robot. Certain movements even brought me to tears! I went to my primary care physician who prescribed me ...+ show morepain medication. As grateful as I was to finally be able to get some sleep, that's all it did. It didn't address the issue at all. I saw another doctor who prescribed me anti-inflammatory medication. This helped some, but the pain would randomly flare up again. Between the massages, the doctor's visits, the medication, and a new orthopedic pillow, I spent close to $400 in a week trying to alleviate this pain. Fast forward to today and the pain was still randomly returning. I had coworkers tell me to try Airrosti and I finally caved. With our insurance, it's only $15, so I figured it was definitely worth a try. Once I told Dr. Felton about the kind of pain I was having and the location, she promptly placed her finger on the spot where all my

by Youlanda Moore

Since I was a kid I've always had issues with my ankles and feet preventing me from being active in sports. As an adult having flat feet has only increased the pain and limits my ability to do a lot of walking. I received a consult on the job from a Health Fair and I decided to give Airrosti a try. The very first treatment was brutal and I was very apprehensive but after walking out of the office I've not had anymore pain in either of my feet. I've been so happy with it that I tell everyone I know that I'm walking pain free all due to Dr. Chelsea. I scheduled my second treatment that went much smoother and I am still pain free. Since this treatment I've referred several people to Airrosti including my mother who suffers from Neuropathy. I w...+ show moreould recommend Airrosti to anyone that needs help with their feet or ankles.

by Lyndsey Olivarez

At the age of 24, nearly 5 years ago, I was in the best shape of my life. Oct. 2, 2010 I had completed what I felt was my first of many triathlons. Things quickly changed for me a short 2 weeks later. On Oct. 19, 2010 I was in Denver, CO. on vacation and having a great time. All of a sudden something didn't feel right, but I didn't know at that time what was happening. Next thing I knew I was slumped over and unable to think clearly or even speak. I was in a whirlwind. Paramedics were called and I was rushed to the hospital. It took a little time to figure out what was going on with this healthy young woman. Hi, my name is Lyndsey and I am a stroke survivor. Having a stroke was the absolute scariest thing I have ever experienced. The stroke...+ show more occurred from a tear on my carotid artery, the tear formed a blood clot which broke free and traveled to my brain causing this nightmare to begin. I was left with complete paralysis on the left side of my body, loss of speech, and delayed cognitive abilities. My stay at the hospital in Colorado lasted about two months. When I was released to travel back home I still had many residual effects of the stroke including paralysis in the arm and hand along with some cognitive delays. Over the last few years my therapies have included traditional Physical Therapy, Electrical Stimulus, Brain Feedback Machines, and Botox Injections, just to name a few. I knew from the beginning this was going to be a long journey, unfortunately my insurance company

by Mario S.

I recently broke my collarbone on a mountain bike accident. After talking to a surgeon, they mentioned I should go through surgery. When taking to a buddy of mine, he mentioned I should give Airrosti a try. He recently had some treatments and was very impressed himself. I had never considered therapy for an injury, so I gave them a try. Wow, what an experience. Dr. Felton in the Pflugerville office was amazing. Very knowledgeable, informative and must say I am very impressed with the results. I was pain free perhaps after the second session. The recommended exercises were very helpful, and Dr. Felton was very accessible for questions even after our sessions. Because of the experience, I decided to continue treatment on an old injur...+ show morey and like magic that disappeared as well. I was very impressed by their commitment to get you back to being pain free. I would definitely recommend their services before going under the knife. Dr. Felton, thank you!

by Javier V.

I've gone to several Airrosti providers but was really impressed with Chelsea Felton. She was very knowledgeable and thorough in her treatment. She not only worked on the painful areas, but also surrounding areas that were probably contributing to my pain. She did a thorough analysis and helped identify the root cause of why my pain and recommended ways to help avoid it in the future.

by Maria G.

I had an injury that I couldn't make go away. Much worse, I couldn't reach the injury with my own two hands to try to help myself. I had already tried the chiropractic method and was well into my second month of treatment and fifteenth visit when I finally decided that the chiropractic-prolonged treatment was for the birds. I didn't seem to be improving with chiropractic care only. In fact, hours after my adjustments, I would be back to square one and in pain. After my first visit with Dr. Felton, I began feeling relief immediately. I was anxious for my next visit before I even left her office because I was anxious to continue healing. It took four visits and my daily exercises to prevent this injury from reoccurring. Dr. Felton was incred...+ show moreibly knowledgeable and easy to talk to and understand. I truly felt that we were on the same team, working side by side at promoting my injury to heal and preventing it from happening again. She was extremely friendly and has a wonderful bedside manner. I felt very comfortable in my surroundings and during my care. I appreciate that Airrosti was available at an important time in my life. They were able to fit me in ASAP and their priority was to get me healed and out the door.

by Caitlin K.

I honestly cannot express in words how effective my Airrosti experience has been. I had chronic pain all over my back for four years and I am only 27 years old. I spent thousands of dollars on ER visits, medication and chiropractors, so I was skeptical on seeing another chiropractor. Dr. Felton has truly been incredible. She's so cool and professional, yet she tells you like it is and can put your pain into words. After three appointments, my back pain is literally gone. It may not be for everyone, but if you can hang with 30 minutes of deep tissue massage, I swear to you, the results and relief are worth it. Thank you so incredibly much Dr. Felton. You rock. Support your local business and go to Airrosti, Austinites!

by Lester O.

Dr. Felton was incredibly effective and a friendly provider. She explained everything. I was hesitant to try Airrosti after other treatments failed to resolve my pain over 5 years. However, Dr. Felton knocked out my acute knee pain and chronic plantar fasciitis unbelievably fast. I am running, jump roping, and strength training without pain. Truly amazing results--highly recommend!