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Became an Airrosti Provider:2018

Undergraduate School:Saint Mary's College of California

Graduate School:Southern California University of Health Science

Hometown:Huntington Beach, CA

Hobbies:Surfing, rowing, hiking with my dog, Crossfit, and anything outdoors.

Interesting Facts:I surfed on the surf team in high school and was a division 1 rower in college.

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by Theresa Ashley

I’ve had back and hip pain for years that would not go away even with months of Chiropractic therapy. I learned about Airrosti from someone I met at the local gym and made an appointment for an evaluation. Dr. Serrano took time to ask questions and listened carefully. It didn’t take her long to assess my situation and was confident her treatment could have a positive impact and improve my condition. After only 4-5 visits the treatment worked and the pain was subsiding where other treatments fell short. This medication and surgery free treatment produced amazing results. I am an active 62 year young women who still enjoys life, is active and tries to stay fit so finding a solution to this problem was such a blessing. I am virtually pa+ show morein free and get the best sleep I’ve had in a long time so would encourage anyone who has been suffering with pain to give this a try.

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