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Became an Airrosti Provider:2019

Undergraduate School:Indiana University

Graduate School:National University

Hometown:Indianapolis, ID

Hobbies:I love being outdoors and am always looking for hiking, camping, biking and snowboarding recommendations. I cycled competitively in college and still enjoy riding. I grew up in a tennis family and will never turn down a pickup tennis match. I have a Labrador Retriever and spend a lot of my time looking for dog-friendly activities in the area!

Interesting Facts:I rode in the race that the movie Breaking Away is based on.

What Airrosti Means to Me:I am very grateful for Airrosti as provides me with the opportunity to get people out of pain as fast as possible!

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by Kathy Thomas

After several doctors appointments, pain medications and injections I still had terrible pain from sciatica. One day on the way to see my primary physician I drove past the Airrosti sign. I asked my Doctor what she thought. She said it is a little intense but I might benefit. I made an appointment the same day. Doctor Emily was great. She explained the process and actually made each appointment enjoyable. Morgan was also critical to making sure Airrosti worked by explaining and demonstrating the exercises I needed to do at home. After three appointments….no more issues with my sciatica. After that experience I continued with Dr E for other issues and again in three visits saw excellent results. I have since moved to New Mexico. There a+ show morere no offices here but wish they would open one. When necessary I will do a tele-appointment. Thank you Airrosti, Emily and Morgan.

by Kate Seibert

I have been going to Chiro for 9 plus years after experiencing neck and shoulder pain along with migraines. It has given me temporary relief, but never fully fixed the issue. After three weeks of Airrosti work, I finally feel tension releasing and am not in pain doing normal tasks like I was. I have learned how to carry myself and exercise properly to stay out of pain. It has been a lifesaver for an active mom of 5. I cannot say enough good about my experience with Megan and Morgan. They are amazing!