Gabriel Shelton, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2018

Undergraduate School:Maryville University in St. Louis

Graduate School:Logan College of Chiropractic

Hometown:St. Louis, MO

Hobbies:Spending quality time with my wife, daughter and Vizsla named Hercules. Running, golf, swimming, and crossfit.

Interesting Facts:Having been raised in St. Louis, MO., I have a deep rooted devotion to the St. Louis Cardinals and Blues. I have no ill feelings toward any team...except the Cubs. In my previous career, as a Navy Diver, I had the privilege of working in 11 different countries. Also, I once had a large crab cling to the top of my dive helmet for nearly 20 minutes during a dive.

What Airrosti Means to Me:To me, Airrosti is a team of providers and essential support personnel who work together to ensure each patient receives an outstanding patient experience and timely results.

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by Priscilla Sandoval

I went with extreme pain on my heels from plantar fasciitis that I had been dealing with for about 1 year. I had already gone to a podiatrist and had got no relief from steroid injections. After 6 visits with Airrosti, I can now say my pain is gone. Thank you Airrosti!