Jeremy Robillard, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2012

Graduate School:Parker University

Hometown:Carlsbad, NM

Hobbies:When I am not loving my days of getting people out of pain and back to their lives, I enjoy anything outdoors, ie. hunting, fishing, hiking, camping,

Interesting Facts:I have broken 21 bones in my body over the years, so I understand what it is like to deal with pain.

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by Gary Groppe

Had three sessions with Dr. Jeremy Robillard for Plantar Fasciitis. I had suffered with the foot and lower back pain for months. After three treatments, I am fully recovered. Dr. Robillard and Trevor his Certified Recovery Specialist were great. Would certainly recommend them.

by Aimee Evans

I discovered Airrosti and Dr. Robillard after I began to experience a lot of shoulder pain as a result of playing the guitar for longer periods of time as well as doing CrossFit and Strongman training. I couldn't be happier with the treatments and strategies he and his staff provided me. It's such a relief to find someone who will deal with the source of the pain where it is and not just give meds to relive the symptoms. The instruction in home therapy techniques (stretches and exercises) empower me to recover faster, while still doing what I love to do. I wish I had found Airrosti and Dr. Robillard (and Trevor, his assistant) sooner.

by Sam Thompson

After suffering a shoulder injury while lifting weights, my shoulder was in chronic pain. After going to Airrosti for 6 visits, doing my home therapy religiously, I am 98% pain free. I feel confident that with continued work at home, my pain will be gone in a few more weeks. This is the best therapy I've ever tried and I would encourage anyone to try Airrosti.

by Matthew Schultz

After suffering from chronic shoulder pain for years, it only took three visits to Dr. Renfro to be pain free. An ankle sprain had bothered me for four years. After three treatments with Dr. Renfro, I am able to playing football without a brace.

by Judy Salomons

I had suffered with an uncooperative arm and a knee that was constantly 'giving out' for some time when I finally decided I needed to do something. Dr. Robillard was recommended to me by my trainer so I called and made an appointment. I was seen quickly and much to my surprise after 3 or 4 visits I was able to use my left arm they way I should have been able to all along! My knee was a different story as it was previously injured and I had had surgery, but, after a number of visits it too is working the way it was intended. Both issues are still resolved months after. I am very happy with the results and I thank Dr. Robillard and his staff for all their help. He will be my first call if I need assistance again.

by Elyse Dustman

I saw Dr. Robillard to see if he could help with hip flexor pain I had been experiencing for a sometime. I felt silly walking in for my first appointment as my pain was nothing debilitating, but it had been a lingering issue and was starting to affect my ability to work out comfortably, and was starting to slowly affecting my mobility and flexibility. It was even starting to cause pain while resting. Dr. Robillard was patient, understanding and made me feel completely comfortable. In my initial appointment he was able to pinpoint what was going on and outline my treatment plan. The treatment plan was simple, not overwhelming, and amazingly affective. With a combination of in office treatments and at home exercises, I could not be happier wi...+ show moreth the results. I felt better and saw improvements after just the first treatment. Dr. Robillard and his team are incredibly knowledgeable and took the time to personally follow up after each appointment to ensure that I was keeping up on my at home treatment, feeling well, and happy with the results. They were with me every step of the way. It has been a few months since my last treatment and I am still feeling amazing. I have continued to do the exercises recommended by Dr. Robillard and am feeling better than ever. I have had no pain and have seen an overall improvement in my mobility and flexibility. I highly recommend Dr. Robillard's and Airrosti. He will be my first stop for any type of pain or injury treatment in the future.

by Trey Hillman

I had been battling plantar fasciitis for about 18 months. I'm very active and love to jog for my cardio exercise. I finally heard about Airrosti and decided to give it a try. My plantar fasciitis was healed and over with after 3 visits. I was amazed with the technique and how quickly it retrained my fascia to go back to its' original spots. Dr. Robillard was amazing and his sincere approach toward rectifying my issue was a comfort in getting me healthy and back to the jogging trail. I would highly recommend Airrosti and Dr. Robillard to anyone that is experiencing ANY type of tissue related pain. Chances are that he will be able to help you as he did me.

by Elizabeth Booth

One day during CrossFit, my back locked up and left me on the floor in excruciating pain. After struggling with this back pain (which prevented me from sitting or standing for more than 5-10min.) and multiple sessions with a chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist and acupuncturist (all of which offered some temporary relief), I was encouraged to visit Dr. Robillard. During our first session, he determined the root cause to be my hip flexors. Although CrossFit exacerbated the injury, Dr. Robillard attributed it to my formative years as a ballerina (this injury was 30 years in the making). Over several visits, Dr. Robillard successfully uncoiled my hip flexors and enabled them to function properly. He worked with me to build...+ show more a rehabilitation plan to improve my mobility, core strength and stability. I am now pain-free and back to my unmodified CrossFit workouts. Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am for Dr. Robillard and Airrosti!

by Brandon Leath

As a CrossFit Trainer I find great value in the treatment and mobility offered by Airrosti Rehab Centers. Dr. Jeremy Robillard has treated me on several occasions as well as providing treatment to my clients on a regular basis. The treatment and services has helped with existing injuries as well as prevented potential injuries and pain from forming. The focus on pain treatment and prevention are a great formula that make Airrosti and CrossFit the perfect pair.

by Judy Garcia

After many years of pain due to L4 and L5 disc herniation, with the help of Airrosti and team, I was able to get off pain pills, shots and start running again. Dr. Robillard also gave me tips on how to continue to relieve pain at home at my own time with the foam roller and other excercises-love it! Thanks to Airrosti I am able to wake up in the mornings and start my day without pain.

by Aimee Mora

Suffering from compressed disc in my lower back, I was miserable and it was keeping me from competing at an upcoming Track & Field Regional Meet in April of 2014. As a member of two different relay teams, I felt terrible about the prospect of letting my relay team down. Fortunately, I was recommended to Dr. Jeremy Robillard, conveniently located half a mile from my home in Leander, to consider treatment. I thank God that he was instrumental in providing the perfect balance of Airrosti Treatment, and got me back on TRACK again within two weeks. Dr. Robillard is very effective and a true expert in his field. Not only did he help me get rid of pain and discomfort but he also helped me to get back to practice helping me to make it to State! I w...+ show moreould recommend him to anyone who is looking for fast pain relief and who is doubting it can possibly go away without medication in such a short period of time!

by Kelby Palmer

Two years of chronic rib pain with a pain scale of 6 of 10 was gone after two visits. Another two and a half years of neck pain gone after the same two visits. I had extreme doubts before visiting Dr. Robillard and had told myself, "This is you now. This pain describes your life and will be with you from now on. Suck it up and just live with it." My firefighter brothers told me their success with Airrosti and I thought I could trust their advice. As of this testimony, I have continued to be pain & symptom free. Simply, I am amazed and so very thankful I found Airrosti treatment!

by Brian Hernandez

I was suffering extreme pain in my elbow. I thought that by reducing the exercise on the arm that it would heal itself and get better. This was not the case. It was actually getting worse. I decided to go to the Airrosti therapy next to my doctors office. Best decision I have ever made. On the first visit he started to work on the arm and things were starting to hurt less. I was surprised that he told me to continue with my workouts and to not stop exercising. Over the course of 5 treatments the pain was completely gone and for the past 2 months have continued to be pain free. Thanks again doc your a miracle worker

by Kelly Hutlock

I went to Jeremy for a knee problem. He was able to figure out that the way I was running was stressing my knee. After only a couple of treatments and taking Jeremy's wonderful advice, I am almost pain free in the knee. Later, I had shoulder issues due to nerve damage. After going to an orthopedic and a neurologist, I went back to Jeremy for his help. My shoulder had dropped a couple of inches. He was able to bring it back to normal and relieve my pain! So thankful to have found him! He is my go-to-guy!

by Reanna Hughes

I am a competitive cheerleader and have issues with my knee and ankle. Dr. Robillard has helped repair and strength my muscles and am now tumbling better than ever!

by Chuck Farr

I am a CrossFit coach at CrossFit Liberty Hill. Anybody that knows me, knows that I am all in when it comes to my daily training. I knew my shoulder was in a bad place, but it was the "open" and I also had my CrossFit Strongman certification coming up. I had no time and frankly did not want to be out of the game period. I pushed, then pushed some more. I completed my certification and had one more week of the open left. My shoulder at this point had quite a resumé of issues, first and foremost an idiot at the helm (me). I made THE appointment. Bottom line Jeremy went to work and kept me in the game. I had put myself in a position where my left arm would have to be immobilized for a week to start. I finished the open modified one armed an...+ show mored to be noted never slowed down on my training. During that week of absolutely not using my left arm, Jeremy continued to "work" in the trouble areas. He identified issues while most importantly checking off potential escalation points of problems. I continued to push in all aspects of what I do and Jeremy continued to tune me up and also provide me with the work required outside of his office to ensure my recovery at the soonest possible time. Every other "authority" I had shared my issues with advised the old school stop everything, heal, and then fight back. Forgive my language if offended, but I am a sailor. Eff that, I don't have time to play the sidelines or for people who advocate that sort of life. Airrosti, its foundation, and principles, executed by Jeremy are what keeps me pushing. I am your biggest fan and advocate. You guys want me in the game, it is how you and I both earn and keep our street cred. Huge fan and believer in Airrosti, bigger fan of Jeremy, he is your guys face man for me. Bringing it full circle, because of Jeremy I'm not only in the game full speed, I'm ALL IN.

by David Gmiter

I came in on two different occasions to see Dr. Robillard. Dr. Robillard is local to Leander, so it was very convenient to see him. Being new to running I strained what I learned was my IT band. I was in a lot of pain and had trouble doing rudimentary motion. Dr. Robillard helped solve the problem with therapy and with rehab assignments like stretches and specific motions. I was back on my feet and able to run in my first Half Marathon after a few visits. The second time I came to see Dr. Robillard was after my 3rd Half Marathon. During the race I felt a pull in my calf area that really impacted my performance in the race. Dr. Robillard took the time to examine the injury, advising me on a recovery plan, guiding me with therapy and exercise...+ show mores. This painful injury was also resolved in a few short visits. Dr. Robillard has outlined a plan to help me prevent these injuries from coming back, but I know if I experience any problems I can defiantly count on him and Airrosti to correct them.

by Kelly Schweda

I first saw Jeremy Robillard for an ankle injury. I sprained it in CrossFit and thought if I just gave it some time it would be better. For six weeks I could not jump rope, do box jumps, or run due to swelling and pain. I was encouraged to see Jeremy by one of my coaches. After the first session with Jeremy I was back to box jumps and running with very little pain and swelling. By the second and final session I was functioning at 100 percent. After that I became a huge supporter of Jeremy and Airrosti. I have been back to see him for a strained thigh and shoulder injury. I have referred a few people to Jeremy Robillard and all have been happy with the results and the care that he gives his patients. The most valuable thing about seeing Jere...+ show moremy is that he takes the time to listen to his patients, really cares about their healing correctly and getting them back to functioning normally as fast as possible. I completely trust him with my care and will refer him to everyone I know.

by Shane Casey

Five years ago I was involved in horse related accident causing an open book pelvic break. I was repaired with plates, screws and a 8" screw holding my pelvic back together. I had been dealing with major back pain and limitation of movement. A friend of mine had been going to Dr. Robillard and really expressed how much the Airrosti treatment helped her. After one session with Dr. Robillard using the Airrosti therapy treatment I had the flexibility in my back again and pain was no longer there. Dr. Robillard and his team were so helpful and truly wanted me to get my life back without pain. Thank you Dr. Robillard and Staff!! You guys are awesome!

by Janelle Smith

I went in to see Dr. Robillard with a very painful hip. I was in so much pain and it was getting worse. Being 36 years old and very active I needed help bad. Dr. Robillard told me that I had scar tissue built up around the ball joint. He worked on breaking up all of that scar tissue and taught me several stretching and strengthening exercises that I could do at home to maintain what he's done. Dr. Robillard is also the first person to be able to completely realign my spine 20 years after a car wreck. I've had many other treatments through the years, but no one else was ever able to achieve this. Also, unlike most traditional Chiropractors, Dr. Robillard is able to treat the problem quickly and give you the tools to maintain at home, meaning...+ show more way fewer appointments than traditional Chiropractors or Physical Therapists.

by Chelsie Schuneman

I had tried everything for my back and shoulder pain. Everything from Acupuncture, Massage, Steroid injections, Physical therapy, a different Chiropractor and just about every pain medication or patch you could think of. I was a hairstylist for years and now work at a desk along with carrying around a baby and I could not find any relief. I was accepting that I was pretty much just going to have to learn to live with it. One day after lifting my son out of his crib my back tweaked and I was in pain. I had received a referral from a friend and honestly did not have high hopes. I was expecting to get a typical adjustment along with many follow-ups and not have much of an answer. My first visit to Dr. Robillard COMPLETELY changed my outlook on...+ show more my treatment options. He is the first person to actually put his hands on me and find the cause of this problem along with finding other areas that were linked to this. Anywhere else I went they went by my description of the problem which I am not the best at describing these things. I did have more than the usual amount of visits, maybe 5 total, but as I said I have had these problems for most of my life. To have relief from this in so little time was amazing. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Robillard for ANY issues. He listens and comes through with results. When we got to the level of manageable pain I was satisfied but he kept up to make sure we found the root of the problems and tried everything! He was also honest in telling me that it is something I need to continue to monitor and I appreciated that I wasn't being told this would cure my specific issue completely. I still use my stretches and therapy at home on my own.

by Stacie Phifer

Last year, my 13-year-old son grew over 5 inches. During basketball season, he started having severe back pain and could not play. Thanks to Airrosti and Dr. Robillard, he was back on the court in three visits. Not only did he finish the season pain free, Dr. Robillard taught him the importance of strengthening his core and back muscles to support his growing frame to maximize his athletic ability and wellness. In addition, he recently strained his right shoulder lifting 'max' weights. Again, Dr. Robillard immediately treated and alleviated the issue in just a few visits, again working with him to learn how to strengthen, stretch and maintain proper alignment and form for growing upper body strength! Had we not learned about Airrosti and me...+ show moret Dr. Robillard, I cannot imagine where my son would be both physically and mentally. He continues to grow and thrive overall, and in his year round sports. He has also successfully treated my daughter and husband. The Phifer family are true Airrosti advocates, and have referred countless people to Dr. Robillard. He is a true professional. Our sincere thanks and utmost appreciation Dr. Robillard!

by Brian Elliott

I began using an Airrosti specialist in September of 2013 and the results have far exceeded anything I would have hoped for. I went for the first time to address severe tendonitis in my right arm. The pain was so severe that I could not reach out and pick up a book. There was noticeable improvement after only one session. I went back for 2 more treatments and have experienced full recovery. I was so impressed with the treatment and speed at which I was able to recover that I asked the doctor if he thought there was anything he could do about my left shoulder and upper back. I had dislocated my shoulder in 2010 and had torn the rotator cuff. Despite 2 surgeries and at least a year total of physical therapy, I was still plagued with pain & th...+ show moree grim realization that physical therapy just wasn't helping. Nearly every aspect of my life was impacted by the inability to use my left arm at even 50% capacity. My posture was affected which caused severe pain in my shoulder blade and left upper back in general. I had abandoned the notion that I would ever be normal again because it had already been 3 years. The Airrosti doctor was able to pinpoint all of the troubled areas and provide the necessary treatment in just 5 sessions. I would rate my recovery at approx. 90 to 95% at present. Airrosti is helping people recover. I used thousands of benefit dollars in treatment that was unsuccessful before I came to Airrosti. At Airrosti, I've used a fraction of the benefit dollars in treatment by comparison and have achieved near full recovery.

by Mike Mohler

I have been using Airrosti, Dr Robillard, for a couple of years now and to be honest, there is no way I would be in as good condition without Dr. Robillard. My sport of choice is CrossFit, and Dr Robillard has helped me through several injuries, one in particular was pretty severe. Dr. Robillard not only aids you in your recovery, but he also ensures that you understand everything he is doing. Dr Robillard is a professional and a truly great person.

by Tino Acosta

I had terrible back pain so I went to see Dr. Robillard. After 4 sessions I didn't have anymore pain or any other issues afterwards. I will definitely go see him again in the future if I have another problem.

by Nikki I.

Seven years into a competitive CrossFit career, I've had my share of aches, pains and injuries. Dr. Robillard and his staff were very attentive to the issues I had and not only was I pain free within 3-4 visits, I never missed a workout.

by Haley G.

I came to Airrosti about a year ago when my hamstring started hurting due to playing soccer and basketball 24/7. I called in, got an appointment that day, went in, and came out feeling 100% better. I came back the next day for a follow up, and I was up and at my athletic life in only a couple of days. Plus, the trainers and very good, and they are easy to talk to. I got the vibe that my trainer was there for me, not just for the money at the end of that day. Personally, I would recommend Airrosti to everyone.

by Rick F.

I found Airrosti and Dr. Robillard about a year ago due to some lingering injuries I have had. Dr. Robillard is very personable and knowledgeable. It has been great! He takes his time assessing each individual issue I have, tells me what's causing it and how to treat it to keep myself from relapsing. It has only taken from one to three visits to clear any problem I have had. I have been to lots of doctors that want you to keep coming back again and again only to prescribe pain medicine or surgery. Not Airrosti, they work to make you injury free. I would highly recommend Dr. Robillard and Airrosti to anyone who has had pain or mobility issues.

by Melokka S.

Over the last 30 years I've had a chronic neck condition that has caused years of pain, frustration and limited mobility. In fact after finding no answers or relief, I had resigned myself to living in pain until my posture had disintegrated to the point that I could no longer stand up straight and had constant pain radiated down my left arm. My primary doctor was convinced that even though I'm just 50 that I had the beginnings of a dowager's hump. Dr. Robillard was able to figure out what was causing the pain, develop a treatment plan and after five visits, I'm feeling better than I have in years. I'm currently not even taking Advil, which had been a daily regimen for years, and most importantly if I follow the home maintenance plan that...+ show more they developed for me, I have a chance to regain an active and pain free life. Thank you Dr. Robillard.

by Rob E.

I was developing chronic pain in my right forearm that was limiting range of motion and was causing decreased strength. After five to six sessions with Dr. Robillard, the pain decreased significantly. I am now pain free with full range of motion. The crew at Leander Airrosti were great!

by Jim B.

I had problems with my hand well after getting carpal tunnel surgery. I had heard from associates at work how good Airrosti was, so I decided to try it out. Dr. Robillard was exceedingly forthright with me about the treatment plan and what to expect from it. He also advised that if the plan did not produce noticeable results in a specific period he would then talk with me about other options. True to his word, he advised that the problem was nothing residual from the carpal tunnel procedure and referred me to a neurosurgeon. She in turn advised that it wasn't carpal but rather my ulnar nerve. The bottom line is that I really respect Dr. Robillard and the physical therapists at Airrosti. He is honest and dedicated to getting his patients on ...+ show morethe path to recovery without keeping you tied to his office if that's what it takes. I would highly recommend Dr. Robillard to anyone.

by Damon T.

I have been to see Airrosti for two shoulder injuries and one back injury in the last couple of years and every experience has been fantastic. The most debilitating injury was my first trip and it was for a shoulder injury that was causing major limitations to my workouts and general feeling of well being. Jeremy and his staff corrected this injury in TWO visits! They are amazing at what they do as well.

by Kathleen A.

I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how Airrosti has changed my life. I've had chronic shoulder and back pain for years. The pain was getting so severe it was interfering with my everyday life. I couldn't carry groceries, play with my kids, or even sleep without being in constant pain. My regular doctor was unable to help because I had no obvious injury for him to treat. I tried regular chiropractic care, deep tissue massage and even physical therapy. None of these treatments gave me any lasting pain relief. About two years ago I hired a personal trainer because I thought that working out, strength training in particular, might help relieve some of my pain. I was partially right. My back started to feel better, but my shoulder go...+ show moret worse. Any sort of pushup or bench press was absolutely painful and I just could not perform the exercise without intense modifications. My trainer told me I really needed to do something about the pain I was having and suggested I go see Dr. Robillard. I was skeptical, but made the appointment anyway. During the first treatment we went through some range of motion exercises and almost immediately found and treated my trouble areas. I left his office with more strength and a greater range of motion than I had in years. I also left with two things I will never be without again; a lacrosse ball and a foam roller. Dr. Robillard was able to alleviate pain I had carried for eight years, in just three sessions. Since that first very successful treatment, I have seen and been treated by Dr. Robillard for a number of injuries. He has successfully worked on my TMJ issues, showed me how to exercise and use a lacrosse ball to prevent my Morton's neuroma from reoccurring (yay for no more painful shots in my foot!), worked out an injury to my pec minor and last but not least, the big one; my left hamstring, quad, and IT band. I can't tell you how good it feels to be able to run, squat, and lunge without knee pain. Dr. Robillard has treated my injuries, given me tools and exercises to work on my rehab at home and also educated me on how to prevent future injuries from overuse and improper form at the gym. I firmly believe that had Dr. Robillard not treated me I would still be unable to perform basic movement, or do anything physical without being in agony. His treatments gave me the ability to make progress and consistently break personal records in the gym. Airrosti has helped me become pain free and that is an amazing feeling.

by Molly F.

I have been getting Airrosti treatments on and off for a little over a year for various ailments including my forearm, hip and shoulder. Jeremy has been awesome in all the treatments and mobility training he has given me. I usually start to feel better right away after a treatment and get to continue doing CrossFit workouts. I feel like my body is improving for the better and I am able to do more movements now. Thanks to Airrosti and Jeremy for doing what you do!

by Nathan F.

I have a congenital spinal defect; from time to time my back will go out. It also doesn't help that I drive all day for work. I was on a business trip earlier this year when my back went out me...WAY out. In the X-ray, my back looked like the letter "S". I was in extreme pain! I had been to many chiropractors but got no relief. Airrosti and Dr. Robillard had a different approach. I think the mixture of the knowledge of a chiropractor mixed with physical therapy techniques was the winning combination! I am extremely grateful for Dr. Robillard and his staff not only helping me out of pain, but also teaching me exercises to help me stay out of pain. I would recommend Dr. Robillard to any of my friends or family without thinking twice.

by Keegan B.

I was having some problems with toe numbness and experiencing some lower back pain. I went in to Airrosti with Dr.Robillard and after a few visits and working through some of the treatments, he definitely cleared everything up. I would definitely recommend Airrosti to anyone experiencing some problem preventing them from doing what they love, and when I need something done again I would definitely go back. Thanks guys!

by Kelley G.

I am very active in the CrossFit community. I workout five to six times a week and started to develop a dull lower back pain. It wasn't a pain that wouldn't allow me to workout, but it bothered me any other time I wasn't working out. It would get warmed up and then be fine. This is the tricky part because I left it too long. If it is fine while I am working out, then I must not really be injured? It was 30 minutes into my workout and afterwards where the pain kicked in. I tried to fix it myself and try extra stretching, but it wasn't doing the trick. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Robillard and now I see why! With only three visits, I was back to 100 percent. I don't mean a little pain -- I mean GONE. It has been months since I...+ show more saw him and I haven't had any other issues. Dr. Robillard can get to places you can't reach on your own and knows exactly where you need to be trigger pointing. He showed me that the part that hurt wasn't actually the only part that I needed to get knots out of! Who would have known that the hugs knots in your hip flexors would cause back pain! His staff was very professional and showed me just what I needed to be doing on my own time to stretch. Whether you are a CrossFitter or a triathlete, you need Airrosti. I recommend him to all the people I coach and will be there anytime I am in need of a "fix". I am so thankful to Dr. Robillard and his staff for getting me back to no pain working out!

by Damon J.

I was having a constant nagging pain in my shoulder for a couple weeks that would occasionally get more aggravated with certain movements. I contacted Dr. Robillard and he got me in the next day. After doing some assessments, he found that my mobility in my right arm was really limited, I had a really tight trap muscle, and my right shoulder while standing up straight was much higher than my left shoulder. He did his usual magic on that muscle, and then took me next door where I learned a few exercises to do at home to help correct the problem, and scheduled my next appointment to come back. I only had to see him three times. He worked on me each time, and each time taught me a couple more exercises to do at home. It's been several mo...+ show morenths now, and I haven't had even the slightest issue, and have also found that my shoulder mobility is much, much better than it was before. When I saw other chiropractors for other various problems, they always insisted on seeing me multiple times a week for several weeks. Dr. Robillard got me in and out and got it fixed quickly. I would highly recommend him and his services to any of my clients, any time.

by Quincy C.

I came in to see Dr. Robillard after having serious hip pain. Since I take CrossFit pretty seriously, and had a couple of competitions coming up, I needed my hip to heal and fast. Dr. Robillard did a great job at finding the problem and returning it to normal after a few sessions. And three months later, still no problems. Very satisfied with my visit here and if any other problems arise this will be my first place to call.

by Mary F.

I had been suffering from frozen shoulder syndrome for over a year to the point I was taking hydrocodone in order to be able to sleep. Although I was beginning to "thaw", there was still a lot of restriction and pain. After Dr. Robillard's first treatment, my range of motion was significantly better. Also, after this first treatment, I no longer felt the need to take the hydrocodone. He and his assistant showed me exercises and therapies to do on my own. I must confess here, that I did not do the exercises as I should have, but when I did do them, the improvement was very noticeable. He continued to encourage me to stretch and do the exercises to further my healing. I am nearing the end of my sessions with Dr. Robillard. Not only have ...+ show moreI found a doctor that cares about my health, but I have also found a friend. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

by David B.

A few weeks ago, Dr. Owens treated and provided physical therapy to my shoulder that allowed for more mobility that I've had in months and is still now pain free! I continue to be very pleased with the quick results, lasting therapy, and quality care his team in Lakeway, Texas offers.

by Alex M.

I had back pain off and on for about five years. It would get to the point where it was hindering me from doing normal activities. I went to Airrosti and with just a few visits my pain was gone and I have had no problems since!

by Grace L.

Dr. Robillard has treated me on three separate occasions, for three separate issues. Each time I have experienced immediate pain relief, increased mobility and a deeper understanding of the rehabilitation needed to expedite healing and prevent another injury. In one instance, I had injured my back in several spots and, at that time, had very limited insurance coverage. Several months post injury, I was still unable to walk normally, nor could I squat without compromising normal mobility for several days. Two sessions with Dr. Robillard was all that was needed to break up the scar tissue and regain full range of motion movement. Dr. Robillard is a great doctor, he understands his patients needs and truly wants to help them return to wha...+ show moret they love to do.

by Tim D.

At my age, 56, it's increasingly difficult to stay active in my favorite sport of hockey. When my knee began to hurt, the surgeon, based on an MRI, recommended surgery to repair a slightly torn medial meniscus. I opted to try a non-invasive approach first. My hockey team captain recommended Airrosti and the rest is history! I had two sessions with Dr. Jeremy Robillard and his team and presto! The pain literally disappeared after the two sessions along with the home exercising regime Dr. Robillard's team mapped out for me. The surgeon was impressed but did advise me that the pain will return one day, and that will be the day I head back to Airrosti!

by April L.

I've had a chronic pain in my shoulder and neck that has been plaguing me for the past five years. I heard about Airrosti and Dr. Robillard from my local CrossFit box. After suffering from pain and lack of mobility in that area, I finally made an appointment. I am so glad I did! After my initial treatment, I had more mobility and less pain than I'd had in years. It's amazing to see how well the treatment works. Not only did I go in to have my shoulders worked on, but after speaking with Dr. Robillard about other areas I was experiencing trouble, he assessed my needs and worked with me from there. After only six treatments or so I am 100 percent pain-free. I am completely in awe of the amazing job and professionalism of Dr. Robillard and his...+ show more team. He and his staff are very personable, knowledgeable and educational. I have learned so much more about the muscular system and how it works than I expected to. I cannot say enough about how much his help has impacted my injuries. I am able to move much more fluidly through my workouts and feel like there are specific movements that are now much more effective! If you are experiencing any issues, I highly recommend a visit! Thank you, thank you Dr. Robillard and Maria for everything!

by Brian E

I began using an Airrosti provider in September of 2013. I went for the first time to address severe tendonitis in my right arm. The pain was so severe that I could not pick up a book. There was noticeable improvement after only one session. After two more treatments, I experienced full recovery. Airrosti is helping people recover.

by Paul S.

Not only did Airrosti address the upper back pain I was experiencing in just two visits, but they also taught me some exercises I could do on my own to deal with future chronic flare-ups.

by Susan Z.

Airrosti was the only thing that helped me after my car accident. They worked with me slowly but surely, even when in tears, and by the end, I felt better than ever!

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