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Became an Airrosti Provider:2019

Graduate School:Life University

Hometown:Richmond, VA

Hobbies:Singing Movies Spending time with family & friends

Interesting Facts:I’ve moved more than 50 times in my life. I will pull out a movie quote at almost any time! I had a scholarship to sing at LSU (Louisiana State). I have a 3ft tall Scooby Doo that “walked” across the stage with me to receive my doctorate.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Devotion to making a positive change in patients’ lives means that I can make the patient’s goals my goals. I love the consistency of the patient experience, and the rapid nature of the results Airrosti provides. On a personal level, I prefer working as part of a team, and defining my success collectively. The Airrosti team functions as a family, and I am eager to join in!

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by Kirian Connell

I’m jokingly known with my friends for my terrible ankles. I recently sprained my right ankle again. It’s been bothering me for over a week. I honestly never thought I’d be able to get any relief for how weak they are. Driving has been painful, and I haven’t been able to do any housework recently as I’ve been trying to rest. I walked into a Chiropractor appointment with Dr. Joseph Capri today, with an ace bandage and a limp. ✨I walked out with NO PAIN, no bandage, AND WALKING NORMALLY!✨ I drove home with ZERO discomfort, and vacuumed my whole house after I got back! I am SO looking forward to my next appointment, and seeing just how strong my ankles can be again! Please RUN to see him, and let him fix you!!!

by Sarah Melville

I injured my front quad muscle while playing a game of family kickball. I knew what I did as soon as I kicked the ball. Dr. Capri got me all fixed within 3 visits. I had full range of my quad within that 3rd visit and was back to my gym schedule and playing with my family. I highly recommend Airrosti and Dr. Capri for your athletic injury care and treatment. He will be the first doctor I call from now on when I need immediate treatment and management. Thank you, Dr. Capri!

by Tiffany Anne

I was consistently waking up with one of my fingers, on my right hand, stuck in a curled position. It hurt to straighten it, and I could not really function well for the first few hours in the morning. It was my dominant hand, and being a nutritionist who loves to cook, it was making me worry about my ability to do what I love. Dr. Capri quickly traced the problem to my elbow, and in two visits, my pain was gone, and after the third visit, my finger has not locked up again. It’s been 6 months! Airrosti is awesome!

by Stuart Royall

My daughter, Sydney, had sprained her ankle and had deep bruising from a soccer kick to the inside of her shin. She was unable to walk comfortably and had several games to go to and an upcoming track season. Dr. Capri was amazing in his manner with my daughter who was unsure of the treatment. Dr. Capri was generous in teaching and explaining his methods which greatly prepared my daughter for what was ahead. Although the treatment was challenging, Sydney was much better the following day and fully ready for a soccer game in less than a week. I strongly recommend Dr. Joe Capri. Thank you Airrosti!