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Became an Airrosti Provider:2014

Graduate School:Parker College

Hometown:Brandon, Mississippi

Hobbies:Crossfit, Running, Basketball and most importantly spending time with my wife Kristen and daughter Bennett

Interesting Facts:I only have 11 pairs of ribs when most people have 12.

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by Lee Anne Kemp

I took my 15 year old daughter, Karsyn, to Dr. Creel after a torn quad injury. She needed to be ready to compete in her Tumbling and Trampoline State Competition in two weeks. He had her ready to compete and she made top 5 in all three of her events and qualified for Nationals in two of her events. Thank you so much for taking care of her and getting her ready for State. She loved working with Dr. Creel and Becca and they took the time to make sure she understood not only how to make the injury better but how the injury occurred. Very impressed with both of them! We would refer him to any of our friends with injuries! What a wonderful place.

by Jennifer Carnes

I came in with plantar fasciitist with a lot of pain in my heels. 4 sessions later with home rehab I am a new person with NO pain. It was like magic. I would recommend this group to anyone. Thank you so much for your great work, dedication and kindness.

by Madyson Grobe

I am a 10 year old ballerina training for the Olympics of Ballet. Ballet is my life…I live, eat, breathe, and even do school around my ballet training and traveling schedule. In the midst of my summer training, I was dancing around 42 hours a week. During one of my training sessions a loud pop occurred in my hip and for the next several weeks I lost the range of motion in my hip flexor that I had worked so hard to gain over the years. Not only would my leg not go as high, but I was in extreme pain. Even the slightest lift of my leg would send shock waves from my hip to my knee. We tried rest, ice, and Advil, but nothing seemed to help. I was on the brink of having to take several weeks off when we found Dr. Creel. After my firs+ show moret session I could feel an immediate difference. Just walking to the car, my hip was not as tight. The exercises I was given were easy to follow and day by day I could feel and see an improvement. By my 3rd appointment with Dr. Creel I was absolutely pain free and had my full range of motion back. Through my treatments I was able to keep going in my daily training and thanks to him I am ready to tackle the Olympic qualifiers! I can’t thank him and his staff enough! I know without a doubt that I will have more injuries, as my career as a dancer is just beginning, but at least I know where I can get the best treatment!