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Became an Airrosti Provider:2015

Undergraduate School:Virginia Commonwealth University

Graduate School:National University of Health Sciences

Hometown:Fredericksburg, VA

Hobbies:Spending time with my family, cooking, playing fantasy football and jiu jitsu.

Interesting Facts:I can solve a Rubiks cube in 2 minutes and I have an awesome three legged dog named Sammie!

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by Andrea Fogle

I visited Justin to get treatment for soreness in my elbow. Based on how I responded to his questions, Justin realized the cause of my elbow problem resulted from issues with my shoulder. I received treatment for both of my ailments. Justin encouraged me to participate in my recovery by having me do exercises twice a day at home. I was super impressed by how I could follow the instructions on the app to make sure I did the exercises correctly. I also received a reminder in the morning and afternoon. In three in-person sessions with Justin and Nick, spread out over a matter of weeks, I felt better and started training normally. I would recommend Airrosti to athletes who want to continue to safely train while being treated.

by Ragini Dravida

I went to see Dr.Bryant as I had very tight shoulders and trapezius that interferes with my workouts (strength training) and day to day activities.Within a couple of treatments which included the treatment from Dr.Bryant as well as the rehabilitation program given by Nick, I saw tremendous results very quickly.I love it how they asked me to continue to do what I am doing so they can understand how I could be treated. I remember one session when my neck was so tight and the treatment + rehab I received was phenomenal. I remember going to PT previously for a couple of months but never got the relief that I got in just 2-3 sessions. I love the personalized approach v/s the standard one treatment fits all. Thank you Dr.Bryant and Nick, it fe+ show moreels so good to be pain free and enjoy the holidays!

by A Nicola

I have a lingering injury (call it age, LOL, or being a lifelong sports/exercise enthusiast) and aggravated my left shoulder area (Rotator Cuff). I attempted the Homeopathic route, but that was short-lived. I knew about Airrosti from a previous injury… not long after the “Motrin/Ice/Motrin/Ice/Frustrated” cocktail failed, I knew the next step. I did not want to take the traditional physical therapy route, so I went BACK to Airrosti. Their method is really cool and advanced as far as I’m concerned. I call it the “Mr. Miagi” therapy. Complete and total concentration on the injured area, Dr. Bryant focused on my injured shoulder and “worked out kinks” but in a way that made the muscle around the injured area feel better; almost at once, I+ show more actually felt a TON better. Afterward, I would go from Dr. Bryant to the facility’s Certified Recovery Specialist, Mr. N. Stewart. With him, I was given a litany of exercises to try at home. What I especially enjoyed was that I was provided instructions on the at-home exercises, then I needed to perform a quick set to ensure I was going to conduct it correctly at home. Afterward, I was emailed videos of the exercises in case I forgot how to do them. Lastly, I was given their email for communications purposes for any matter relating to my injury. In short, they made themselves available beyond my appointment, and THAT is the textbook definition of “above and beyond”. I most HIGHLY recommend Airrosti. On a personal note, thank you, Dr. Bryant and Mr. Stewart!!

by Celia Fayden

My treatment plan is going really well. Before seeing Dr. Bryant, I was going to the Pain Center and getting shots… 1 time. It just didn’t help. I was on a call with a co-worker in TX and she mentioned Airrosti. I was in so much pain, I immediately looked up a provider and saw Dr. Bryant was literally right around the corner from my home so I called and got an appt. I saw Dr. Bryant back in January and it’s just amazing that a couple of visits would help me feel sooooo much better. Recently, I had a horrible flare-up,… my fault for not staying diligent on the exercises, certainly didn’t help. Went to see Dr. Bryant and he worked with me, all I can say is amazing. After treatment and my exercises and voila feeling so much better 🙂 Lo+ show moreve doctors that work with you to find the root cause and not just a Band-Aid of shots, drugs, and/or surgery. As we get older, our muscles, bones, and joints need maintenance too, and if I can avoid all the rest, more power to it. Go Airrosti! We can be a part of the solution in care management. Love it!