Kristina Myles, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2017

Undergraduate School:West Texas A&M University

Graduate School:Parker University

Hometown:Southlake, TX

Hobbies:Crossfit, spending time with friends, horseback riding, and occasionally playing the guitar.

Interesting Facts:In my collegiate career, I hit 8 home runs. I thought that was quite a "tall order\ since I'm only 5' 3.5" tall. I've got a pretty "punny" sense of humor, which made me think about trying stand up comedy, but due to my height I thought I might come up a little "short".

Professional Affiliations:Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

What Airrosti Means to Me:Through my high school and collegiate career as a softball player, I encountered a few injuries that were painful, annoying, and kept me off the field or from playing at my best. After seeing the impact Airrosti had on me as an athlete, I thought it would be awesome to be able to give that gift back to someone who wasn't able to do what they loved because of an injury. I went to Chiropractic school with the intention of becoming an Airrosti doctor someday, and I am so excited that the day finally came!

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by Kevin Brown

I was anticipating the worst on my first visit, but Kristina was able to put my mind at ease with some humor and empathy. My back was in a lot of pain and after leaving, the pain was diminished considerably. I enjoyed my visit and highly recommend Kristina and Megan!

by Kami Mykes

This is not the first time I have visited Dr. Myles and her CRS Megan. The two of them worked miracles with my elbow that has had two surgeries on. It always amazes me what Airrosti can do. I just can’t figure out why everyone is not giving it a try!

by Krista Klein

I had horrible foot pain and we had a scheduled climb with my entire family within the month. Dr. Myles helped me with the pain so that I could prepare and climb the Grand Tetons with my family. We made it to the top and I carried my therapy ball with me!

by Susie Cook

Went in to see Dr. Myles with what I thought was a sciatic nerve issue. I was at a point that I couldn't walk far without doubling over or stopping to stretch. No relief after the first visit, but I think I wasn't able to tell her exactly where the pain was. Then 50% better after the 2nd visit. Then 100% better a day after 3rd. The key is to do your home stretches and ice it if recommended. I would definitely recommend Dr. Myles.

by Lori Albert

I took my son in to see Dr. Myles. They accommodated us last minute as he had injured himself over the weekend. My 6 ft 1 in center back had been reduced to walking unable to jog at all. Within 30 minutes they had him increased in flexibility and within the hour he could jog in place with NO PAIN! For a mother of an athlete, you are a GODSEND! Oh and then I get a call from the doctor this evening, “ just to check in on my son!” Exceeded our expectations!!! Thank you, Dr. Myles!!!

by Sanford Warren

I had been suffering from back and hip pain for over 6 months. I had been to two spine specialists, a hip specialist and even had 3 injections in my lower back. Nothing worked. I went to the Airrosti office in Southlake Tx and Kristina Myles and Megan Leonard eliminated my pain in just a few visits. Most amazing.

by Michael Stevenson

I came into the office with a huge bone contusion on shin after falling on a box during burpee box jumps. I had a hard time running, performing a deadlift, and just overall pain and bruising on my shin. After just two visits, I noticed a significant change in the amount of pain and size in my contusion. Now I currently have no pain in my shin and the contusion is gone! 10/10 experience, I would recommend to anyone.

by Melissa Trapani

4 years ago, I was told that both knees were arthritic, and I would eventually need to have both knees " cleaned up" via surgery. My hobby is obstacle course racing; I love it. I feel strong out on the course, but I know each race comes with a cost... knee pain that can keep me from training for 1 or 2 weeks. Through Camp Gladiator, I was introduced to Airrosti, and I figured, " What do I have to lose?" A few weeks ago, I met with Dr. Myles, and we got to work. Within 4 appointments, I'm virtually pain free and no longer see surgery in my immediate future. This past weekend, I raced a 9-mile course. On Monday, I was back in the gym lifting heavy weights, and on Tuesday, I ran. See that smile on my face? Pure pain free joy.

by Sarah Hobbs

I came to Airrosti with lower back pain that was preventing me from squatting and improving my Olympic weightlifting altogether. Dr. Myles worked out at my Crossfit gym and was already a friendly face, but she also made me feel welcome and comfortable in her office. She was able to completely alleviate my back pain by working on my hip flexors, adductors and helping me learn to activate and better use my gluteus. I can’t thank Dr. Myles enough for her knowledge, skills, and hard work! She helped not only take my pain away, but she made me a better athlete! Airrosti works WITH you, without sidelining you.

by Rachelle Gowins

I was having extreme pain in my right wrist. I went to the doctor and was told I had carpal tunnel and surgery was my only option. Not wanting to undergo surgery, I went to Airrosti and started working with Dr. Myles. She was so patient and meticulous in trying to figure out the source of my pain. As a Crossfitter, she knew how important continuing my workout regimen was to me and she worked with me to come up with modifications so I could continue doing what I love. Now I am pain free WITHOUT surgery! Dr. Myles and her team are amazing!

by Robert Myles

I wish I could rate this office 10 Stars. I went in suffering from EXTREME back pain which radiated down my left leg. The pain was moving me toward "traditional" treatment of x-rays and steroid shots. By the end of the second treatment, exercises and stretching, I was 95% better to the point I almost canceled my third visit, glad I made the last visit, Dr. Myles and Megan fine tuned my treatment regimen and I am now pain free.

by Scott Maloney

I was recommended by my GP to see doctor Myles for lingering pain and stiffness in my right shoulder. In just over two weeks of treatment and three sessions under her care I am completely clear of any pain. She explained everything and laid out certain exercises to improve the condition. She is very friendly and easy to talk to during appointments. I had never seen a DC before, and would certainly recommend her and Airrosti.

by Mike Dattilo

I had been experiencing pain in my left shoulder for about 8 weeks. I was referred to Dr. Kristina Myles from my primary care physician Dr. Hamilton. Airrosti called me within hours of Dr. Hamilton's referral. They were courteous and thorough and scheduled an appointment convenient to my schedule. Airrosti's follow through was second to none. Not only did I receive a courteous phone call reminder, but also a text and email about the upcoming appointment. I had been concerned that surgery would be required and although reluctant, I decided to try this approach first. On the day of the appointment, Dr. Myles went right to work, measuring, determining range of motion and diagnosing the problem. After just a few minutes, Dr. Myles gave me the g...+ show moreood news that the pain was the result of tightened muscles and strained tendons, and with some work from her and me, we could solve the issues. Following my first therapy session, the results and progress were immediate and amazing. Later that evening, I received a phone call from Dr. Myles to see how I was doing and if I had any concerns or questions. After a couple of intense therapy sessions and doing my part of simple exercises, I am glad to say I now have full range of motion and am relatively pain free. If you are experiencing pain and possible surgery, I strongly suggest you consider a visit with Dr. Myles first. I am glad I did and will be recommending her to my friends and family as well. MJDII

by Alison Wimberley

I went in on a Thursday because I was fed up with my lower back hurting for the past five months. I felt like something was really wrong, but I was not ready to have a steroid shot or x-rays yet. A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Kristina Myles. After explaining my pain, Dr. Myles gave me hope that she knew what was going on. After the first visit, Dr. Myles and Ms. Leonard sent me home with a prescription of stretches and exercises, and after the first day, I was already feeling better. By the time I saw them again on Monday morning, I was at 90% better. Because of their knowledge of my pain source, and the deep tissue massage/specific exercises, I was discharged after going two times. Amazing. I was very skeptical at first, but this wil...+ show morel be where I go first when I start to experience any pain. They saved me from getting x-rays/steroids.

by Cas Spangler

Dr. Kristina Myles is a very knowledgeable doctor with a bedside manner that is second to none. I sought care because my left knee was always popping and felt unstable. At night it ached so bad I would lose sleep. In just a couple treatments under her care, both the pain and the feeling of instability were completely gone. In addition to in office treatments, she gave me home exercises to keep the issue away long term. I was very impressed with her care and would highly recommend her to friends and family dealing with any aches and pains.

by Heather Wise

I have been plagued with headaches and tension for over 20 years and thought it was something I would just have to live with permanently until seeing Kristina Myles. These headaches were so bad that I would have to take a prescription in order to get rid of them or I just lived with having a headache constantly. My husband was treated by Dr. Myles for a small pinched nerve issue and suggested I see her that she could possibly help with my headaches. Well after about eight (8) visits I can say I no longer have all the tension in my neck and shoulders and my headaches are gone. I never even knew there were things like Airrosti that could help relieve pain as well as keep it away and I am grateful to have found Dr. Myles. I know if I should ev...+ show moreer start to have challenges with headaches again or any type of back pain or muscle pain her form of treatment is the answer.

by Brian Murray

I was certainly one of those people who avoided going to the chiropractor or physical therapist because I assumed it was going to be a never ending cycle, costing a lot of money. I am so glad I followed the doctor's advice and visited Airrosti. They average only 3.2 visits before you're pain free, and it's legit. Dr. Myles is exactly the type of person you hope to have when you want to talk about and relieve your pain. She's very knowledgeable and understanding and will not only do a great job of fixing your muscle pain (low back in my experience) but will give you tips on how to avoid getting injured again. I came in barely able to squat down or lift, pull or push anything and in ONE visit I felt like I had a miracle cure. If you're going ...+ show morethrough pain everyday, especially lower back pain like I was, you have to stop doing this to yourself. Airrosti's approach to healing (30 min. with chiropractor, 30 min. doing physical therapy exercises) certainly is the best thing that has helped me and a lot of other people. Stop your pain and help yourself!

by Jack Bolivar

Our daughter has played club and travel softball for over a decade. In that time, as with all competitive sports, she has had numerous injuries, way too many to count. We have been in and out of orthopedic clinics and physical therapy sessions, with mixed results. Even with specialized sports therapy she was never pain or discomfort free. That changed when we met Dr Myles. She met with our daughter and took the time to not only understand her pains, but her her sport and challenges as well. She prescribed a course of treatment and also recommended take home therapy and exercises that enhanced the in office treatment. I am happy to say that after 4 visits our daughter is pain free. She now has a range of motion that she has never had before ...+ show moreand is able to move faster due to being pain free. Our regards to Dr Myles for the help and follow up, she is a complete professional.

by Jeanna Reed

My hands were falling asleep at night and waking me up. It was disrupting my sleep on a nightly basis. After only three visits with Dr. Myles, my hands stopped waking me up at night. As long as I continue to do the exercises she taught me, I no longer have any problem with my hands falling asleep at night. I had been having this issue for YEARS. Cured in only THREE VISITS!

by Julie Hills

Dr. Myles was very thorough and helpful through the whole process! Our sessions started and ended on time. She even called me before the first appointment to discuss any concerns or questions I had and she called to follow-up after the first appointment. I have extreme anxiety about anyone touching my knees, but she was still able to calm my anxieties and work on my knee. The therapy exercises were manageable and explained in detail. I'd definitely go back in the future if I ever need to!

by Misty Ortega

I came in with severe sciatica and lower back pain. Dr. Kristina Myles was not only able to provide relief on my first visit but also provided me with a plan to accelerate healing. I'm now 100% pain free thanks to Dr. Myles!